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  1. Almost 100% chance this is completely irrelevant, but here it is anyway.
  2. I was planning to play through it three times but I stalled partway through the third. If the patch had worked I'd think about finishing it. Amazing game, although hacking as a commando probably turned a few people off. Don't know how the console versions were.
  3. The shader effects tend to be more accurate as well from what I've noticed (usually it's easiest to see in fog) Which may or may not be a side effect of DX10 capable cards being of significantly more power than your average DX9 card of course, but I wouldn't know that offhand. Anyway, Steam detects actual cores, not HT 'cores.' I wouldn't think too many people would be gaming on an Atom anyway.
  4. I would very much disagree with that. There isn't any huge difference in what you see because devs don't really do much with it most of the time. But the quality difference is still readily apparent. Unfortunately, noone seems willing to put forth the effort to use it for anything...but now that a large portion of gamers use a DX10 OS and card I'm hoping to see a lot more. ( http://store.steampowered.com/hwsurvey )
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