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  1. To update my OP.. I'm on my second play and have completed Saudi Arabia, Taipei (up to stop Deng) and Bug CIA post in Rome on Hard.. Only non avoidable kill is Shaheed's Lt, who dies in a cutscene thus your statistic is unchanged.. The scene plays out whether you take him out by stealthing to him or by fighting him the normal way. Unavoidable "kill" as well is Darcy who can be tranqued and the statistic remains at 0 kills, but the report after the mission says he is dead.. And your handler comments on it. Obviously sequel thing.. Though maybe someone slit his throat after you pass him The chopper in the last mission is questionable as well.. You bring it down but there is no mention of the "kill".. Ofc in theory the chopper crew could have survived the crash but it is very unlikely. Optional objective "take out Shaheed's guards" can be done by simple ko (trq) but the game says you killed them and again your handler (Mina) comments on it.. Assault the triads is actually "defeat lt" not kill so it can be done by ko as well.. On the other hand the last scene from that mission shows numerous dead triad even if you manage to avoid kills. Btw the mission is skippable if you want to avoid it. I'm guessing it is possible to ko Lazo then as well, though I'm not sure how the game interprets it. TLDR: It is possible to achieve a 0 kill statistic in the panel but actually there are a few situations which make sense (or are interpreted by the game) otherwise..
  2. Utility armor is the best btw.. 3 sound dampening, 3 upgrade and 2 inventory slots. With that and stealth V I get maybe 1 detection (yellow before I KO) in 50 takedowns.. Though by this time I have some perks as well..
  3. My first play was mostly stealth, pistol and gadgets (14 dead).. I love the shock grenade.. Downside is 1 target limit they start with but this can be increased by upgrading (2) and then unlimited at lvl 3.. Well thrown shock trap is priceless.. In the end I had 18 shock traps (3 slots and perk for +1) though I never used them all Also they are cheap with around 250$ a piece.. My 2nd play's goal is 0 dead and since on hard trq darts cost 20k I think ST are going to get even more usage. Flashbang is cool as well, especially until you upgrade Shock trap to lvl 3.. After that its much simpler to throw the ST then to bother with flashbang + melee ko.. Upgrade isn't worth it I think, original duration is fine.
  4. To be honest some missions and choices make no sense at all.. Ex. (make sense) If you provide evidence to Sung about the riots, he says you drew the conclusion of an assassination out of that, and together with his stubborn personality doesn't wear a vest.. (doesn't make sense) If you provide evidence about the assassination, he wears a vest, but is too dumb to trust an agent that saved his life and provide additional security (simply put, gives a rats ass about his ppl and that's not what his character is about) Why? So you make a CHOICE.. In Taiwan.. They obviously have their own security since Sung can deploy them to stop the riots. But why is then CSP there? Because Omen Deng deployed them? Why? Actually he is a double agent and wants to stop the assasination. But how can he explain to CSP why he went to Sung's speech? To protect Sung from a possible assasination? Because they would be a prime suspect and they don't want to deal with possible USA response? Thats the only explanation I've got. If not that? So you make a CHOICE.. The embassy mission. You ally with one organisation (VCI vs G22) and the other attacks the embassy. Why? Because they found out sth that gives them motive to take out Surkov.. But if they ally with you, actually YOU ally with them, suddenly they trust you and apparently stop whatever would have given them info to attack and they get tricked by Surkov along with you. Why? So you make a CHOICE.. I love some things about AP, but story and logic isn't one of them..
  5. Hi all.. Just finished my first playthrough with stats recording 14 kills and I was wondering whats the minimum. So after some thinking, here is a list and I appreciate helping me with it. Legend Required - kills that you must do in order to advance a critical mission Optional - kills required by optional missions or objectives Avoidable - kills that can be avoided but it doesn't make much sense to do so or is too complicated (usually boss adds) Saudi Arabia Required 1) Shaheed's lieutainant - I threw him over the bridge with a stealth kill, but now I am wondering if he can be taked down with a KO, he isn't registered in the stats (actually no cutscene kills are) 2) Shaheed's driver (?) - this one is a bit odd, my stats show 1 heavy weapon kill and the only time I used one was nuking Shaheeds armored car (the only other time I used a heavy was a stationed gun while escaping the underground but I'm 99% sure I reloaded that part) Optional 2) Elite guards in the airport mission - interesting fact: you can actually KO both and the game registers the objective as complete (btw this is probably the worst designed mission ever.. you can ko or kill all the guards, even get this optional assasination, you can even trigger all the alarms and the bug never gets found) Avoidable 1) In the final fight with Shaheed there are 3 guards I originally shot, but at that time I wasn't confident in trq darts which I used alot later.. In retrospective, I think you should be able to tranq the 2 guards coming your way but it would probably make more sense to simply shoot the one in the tower with an AR Rome Avoidable 1) Maddison's captor can be shot with a tranq dart which I didn't know at the time Taiwan 3) Assault the triad HQ - mission from Hong Shi - need help on this one: can it be skipped and what are the consequences if you skip it Moscow Required 1) Lazo - I think this one can't be skipped (meeting Sis and all) Optional 1) Dimitri - if you buy additional intel before the mission, no consequences either way Finale Required 1) Darcy - you can actually take him down with tranq darts but the game says MT killed him Total: Required - 4 (Sh. big guard and driver (?), Lazo, Darcy) Optional - 3 (2 Sh. elite guard, Dimitri) Avoidable - 2 (tower guard in Sh. fight, Madison's captor) Not sure - 3 (Hong Shi's runaway lt) P.S. All the "bosses" are optional as well but that goes without saying so it didn't make much sense to include them in the list
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