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  1. This is really idiotic. I enjoyed Alpha Protocol a lot, so I'm not a generic basher - but this is just idiotic. Its just not that hard to post a message on their own message boards explaining what's going on. Did you make the patch, what did you address, what is the status of release, and what the hell is Sega doing putting an exe on a website and calling it a patch? Obsidian just makes themselves look like idiots with crap like this. Why? Communicate people, its not that hard.
  2. Had to add my ditto to this thread. Some of the more interesting playthroughs I've had: - completely non-lethal - using only tranqs, hand-to-hand, and shock grenades - ended up with 2 kills TOTAL, both from secondary explosions I didn't even cause - knife guy - tried to make every kill a stealth knife kill, the best I could do after two playthrough attempts was 295 - antisocial - make everyone you meet dislike you, funniest bit was using the "Talk to Madison" action in the Rome safe house - she mutters "****" and Mike mutters back "Bitch", every single time - grenadier - max kills with gadgets, have to admit I still haven't done too well with this, my best is just under 200, need to try harder - ghost - minimal interaction with AI on every mission, this is on my list to try, but I just have too much fun killing folks to stick to this playthrough And again I will say how impressed I am that the game allows so many different approaches to each mission, and they each work without feeling like you are "breaking" the system - they seem to have perks that recognize just about every style of play (the +10 and +25 Endurance perks for nonlethal takedowns was a nice one). Not being forced into any particular playstyle is very refreshing.
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