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  1. Thanks @Boeroer. Completely forgot about the solo option tic. Another question... how do I lower my FF ability Curse duration? I tried using the stats @mepp22 listed above (8 Might, 10 Constitution, 10 Dexterity, 19 Perception, 12 Intellect, 18 Resolve) and with BB my FF curse duration was like 7.6 seconds at level 4 (6.0 Base + 5% Monk Power Level + 20% Intellect) . I know Clarity will help with this, but is my only option beyond that to just keep stacking Resolve? Lower INT, but then wouldn't that reduce AoE of Keeper of the Flame? Or is that not really as important? I did another FF character prior, and even at 5 INT, the curse duration at level 20 was still around 6.5 seconds.
  2. Noob question: how are you supposed to get this on solo? Correct me if I am wrong here, but you can't get rid of party members until you have the ship, so you'd be doing all of Maje not solo (for exp purposes at least, as you could just leave them in stealth at the start of areas), and I tried to just kill him on the beach but he just revives himself. Can you just kill him in the ship before the Pirate fight right at the start?
  3. Thanks all for the info everyone. I decided to try out FF but play on Normal instead of Veteran just to test out the mechanics of it. Went with Moon Godlike for the healing early on. Hopefully it won't be overkill/unnecessary in the long run and I gave up a helm slot for nothing. I ended up going something like 10/10/17/17/5/19 for stats. So far am level 13 and it's not gone too terribly bad, although to be fair, those 13 levels were mostly non-combat. Did the whole Fort Deadlight-> Dunnage -> Sandswept etc. route, uncovered all the map, and am just now going to start Nekehata quests. Also, I know people have said Monk can be micro heavy, so since I am only on normal, I am testing out my ability to set up AI scripts. Nothing crazy, just for like Second Wind and keeping my buffs up (using Lightning Strikes now, will prob switch to Swift Flurry later). I am not saying I am just letting it play itself, but I like to see how well I can make things play themselves if that makes sense.
  4. About to start a solo monk run. No PotD. Maybe Veteran difficulty. Thing is, I am not "overly" fond of the Monk subclasses. Shattered Pillar is the only subclass that seems like I would enjoy atm of the 4. I do have the community patch which gives them the 10 wound cap. Anyway, I was thinking of just going no subclass. I have seen builds around for all the subclasses, but can't seem to find one without. Maybe just because no one plays a monk without a subclass?? Is going Shattered Pillar with 10 wounds "better" than no subclass at all? Suggestions for starting stats (no BB)? I assume high PER, but then beyond that, it gets murky. Was thinking something along the lines of: MIG 18, CON 10, DEX 17, PER 18, INT 5, RES 10 (stats if I go Nature Godlike) Suggestions on race? I want to play something other than an elf or human for a change. Was leaning towards Nature Godlike for the +PL since you consistently have the Quick inspiration.
  5. @VoltronHey there! Know this OP was 4 years ago, but I just started with this build (Herald version... already rolled the War Caller as well). Wanted to let you know: according to the Wiki, the Kapana Taga was changed to a Club in one of the patches, just so people know in case they want to put a point in that proficiency if they choose to use it.
  6. Quick question: is there objectively a best summon? Or is it more personal preference? I started with Skellies then took Wyrms, forgetting that when you respec you can't get back your choices made at character creation. So now I almost feel like I wasted a point(s) by having 2 different summons.
  7. Abot's Ultimate run is the one I am actually watching/using as a template. I am tweaking it a bit for being on a lower difficulty. So far, not bad. The only issue is interrupts/cast speed atm (haven't made it to Rapid Casting yet). First drake island, those Xaurip skimishers just interrupted me quite frequently. Like I would stealth, cast Psychovampiric Shield of the drake to start rolling my chants, then immediately backpedal as far as I could and those Xaurips still caught up to me before I could get a Wyrm cast off. Ended up having to use the leap boots ability to get away faster. And I did this at like, level 8 or 9 I think. The thug fight on Dunnage... used the cameo thing, but once again had to use leap boots just to not be killed in the first 5 seconds of the encounter. Other than that, nothing has been TOO difficult! And I am sure some of it is just me needing to learn better tactics. All in time!
  8. Sounds fun! Did a bit of searching and found a YT channel of someone that did The Ultimate with this spec, so I am just going to follow along with that.
  9. Not sure how many people are still active around here since the game is getting on in years now, but I personally am finally just getting around to playing it. This is a pure opinion question... no need for "facts" here. I have scoured all the build guides I can find, tested a few for a bit. I am looking to do solo runs, starting on Normal just to get my feet wet. I have done solo runs in POE1, so it's not like I am unfamiliar with the series/those types of runs. I know a lot of people will probably say "Normal can be done with just about anything," but I would like to be able to progress to harder difficulties in the future. Builds I have toyed with from guides or YouTube vids: Herald, Warcaller, SC Priest (Magran), Thaumaturge (Bloodmage), SC Wizard (No sub), Holy Slayer (GP/SF), SC Monk (Druggie boy... can never remember how to spell it), Swashbuckler (Devoted/SF I believe) Liked: Builds with Cipher or Chanter that had "resource gen." I really like Cipher conceptually, but it seems like a lot of people are saying it's not on par with POE1 Cipher in terms of damage. Builds where I have reliable heals and not chugging potions. Disliked: Builds that required "Bloodied" for some beneficial effects. I get nervous as a noob in that situation. Drug flavor Monk. Bloodmage. Again, they whole "hurt yourself as a benefit" is just not my style. Anything that is overly micro-managey. I need to learn to crawl before I can walk/run Also, for the record, I would like to avoid "cheese" as far as things like the Strand spam. If it's movement/stealth "cheese" I am fine with that. Anyway... the heart of the matter: What are your personal fav builds around Cipher or Chanter? SC or multi, doesn't matter. Doesn't have to be God-tier, just get me through Normal relatively pain free so I can learn stuff to move on to higher difficulties. Herald is probably my go to at this moment, but curious to hear from better builders than me.
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