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  1. Same, still having the issues. Even had my aphid stuck in the foundation of my building. Had to destroy it to get to it because the noise they make when they are stuck somewhere gets realllllly annoying really fast. Then had to either coax it out, or just kill it.. Coaxing is not easy since the whole "call pet" function is super finicky. RIP Phiddy cent
  2. Totally agree with the pet getting stuck... Was an issue before release and was never fixed. I think the petting helps to improve your pets mood if you keep up on it, like pet it once a day. For instance, I went without petting my aphid for a while, it went from happy to meh, started petting it every so often, the mood improved. Also, it was stuck under water so I was going to remove its gear and see if it would just die. Noticed that reduced the mood as well, so it seems having gear on the pet affects moods also (didn't die in the water, just stays stuck there). The entire pet thing seems like more of just a pain right now honestly until they improve the system.
  3. Agreed, more lighting options would be great and would solve this issue.
  4. Still having this issue, but now my pet is stuck in the Oak lab. No idea how it got in there as I wasn't even in the area. I tried relaunching the game, nothing. Went up to the pet to try to get it to follow me out and it wont.
  5. Most of the Wendell tapes I have found do not play the voice lines when I try to listen to them or when I pick them up. The first 2 did, then none of the others have. A couple of them would only play a random sentence throughout the play through. My husband has the same issue, we are both playing through Steam, different PCs, different accounts, we both own the game separately. Anyone else have this issue or know if it has been reported?
  6. Anyone else having issues with their pets getting stuck in the map in random places? Mine will randomly end up in unreachable places of the map to where I cannot pet it and it will become unhappy. The only way I have noticed that will fix it is completely shutting down and relaunching the game. I tried to use the debug feature and reloading a previous save, but neither worked. When I went to my pet house, it would still show my pet on the map, but it was under a rock or something weird. The little icon also shows its location on the screen, but you cannot interact at all when approaching.
  7. I have noticed a ton of weevil parts laying around and not as many live weevils walking around. They have become fairly hard for me to find in game.
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