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  1. I imagine that would cause way too many problems in-game. After all, why bother to work on improving your par cour skills, or build paths over or across obstacles if you could just throw on a pair of stilts? I agree that some way of making building higher structures easier would be awesome, though. Maybe something more like a visual- only blueprint placing mode that's not unlike the one they made for taking pictures. Or, as suggested elsewhere, a set of "wings" that only let you go up or down, or that only work while in building mode, ect. Stilts would be too much, I think. You could avoid every single battle except the flyers, if you had those.
  2. Hmm. I will have to check into that one. I have used the meals, on occasion. Usually it's for the specific buff, though. Whenever I have the right things to make something, food-wise, I usually do, but I sure don't remember it freezing my hunger bar for no 15 + minutes. Maybe I just didn't notice. It's certainly possible. I know it says "well-fed" for a little while, but after running halfway across the yard, or fighting a few tougher bugs, I typically need to eat to heal, anyway. Maybe that does take 15 + minutes in game time. I dunno. It would still be cool to "bake" treats for pets, though. I know you can "feed" them, but it would be cool to be able train them, too. One reason I don't take a pet with me very often is because ants (in particular) like to kill weevils and the spiders love to kill the aphids. I have managed to keep my gnat, (Bitsy) alive, though. I don't think she likes her house being inside my house, though. Lol.
  3. Here's my thing... personally, I absolutely HATE numbers. (Yes, I am a girl, but, so what? ) Hence, I really don't CARE about ANY of the numbers, or even the "true" stats! I just use what weapons actually work, and what armor has the best protection, suited to what I am doing, as well as to my own personal playing style. The numbers don't actually make any difference to me. The part I don't get, or agree with is, Why give us these "OP" things in the first place, if it's just going to get nerfed as soon as they realize it's burning through even the toughest bugs "too quickly"? Instead, how about those same devs start these new things out on the LOWER side, stat-wise and then just BUFF them later, if it's needed? After all, clearly, no one likes nerfs. But, everyone just loves buffs! Right? So shouldn't you try to avoid nerfing WHENEVER possible? While I understand you can't just keep buffing every little thing, (I know that's not fun, either) there are still places where it's needed, just to improve general game play. What I'm really trying to say is, the devs are NOT "preserving the difficulty" of this game by actually nerfing ANYTHING, ever! All they are really doing is driving players like me away. (Or, at least, to playing offline, only.) When I choose "Easy" mode, things should just be easy, (or easier, at least) for me to kill. Plain and simple. This should be where the life steal is highest, the best armors offer the highest protections, ect. If I want/need the bugs to be harder to kill, I could just change the difficulty level accordingly. Instead, why not have the different numbers and values you want to use for these things reflected only in the DIFFICULTY level that is chosen? In woah mode, enemies are supposed to have bigger life pools, and higher damage outputs. Weapons SHOULD do less damage, armors should offer less protections, ect. That's the entire point to playing on harder modes. (This is where you would put the "nerfed" numbers, obviously.) Easy mode should STILL be easy, particularly for less skilled or new to the game players. Normal mode should be harder than that, and Woah mode should be the hardest, maybe even bordering on near-impossible. Right? Personally, even after I've had HUNDREDS of hours of game play, I can really ONLY play on Easy mode. I have tried playing on Normal. After I got killed for the 5th time in the first 8 minutes, I understood that I just didn't belong on that mode. I simply don't have the necessary skills. (No, I don't plan to EVER play on Woah.) I find it plenty hard enough JUST on Easy. (Especially when it comes time for those upper yard JERKS, and the (Ugh, shudder) GOD-AWEFUL "infected" wolf spiders.) I STILL die plenty often, even WITH the supposedly "OP" items and "best" builds. No nerfs needed. This is a PVE game. Not any (useful) PVP at all, so it's not like I get some big advantage over anyone else by using a specific weapon or build. It's also not like the bugs get mad if they die "too quickly." Sure, if you kill too many at once, they will raid your base, anyway, so how fast they actually die is a bit irrelevant. If you want/need the bugs to be harder, then just adjust your difficulty. That's all you should ever need to do. The reason we play ANY game is to HAVE FUN playing it. If I am just getting killed every ten seconds, guess what? I am NOT having fun! If I spend hours upon hours working on doing everything I need to do, trying to get the "best" stuff or the newest, "OP" stuff, and it suddenly gets unnecessarily nerfed, guess what? I'm also NOT having fun, anymore. In fact, you are likely to upset me to the point of not wanting to play, anymore. (I wonder how many players quit playing, number-wise? That's a "stat" I might actually care about.) As a lifelong gamer, I DO understand that the devs are just trying to "balance" the game, but in reality, that's not balancing anything. It's just making it that much harder for those of us who actually do LOVE to play, but aren't particularly GOOD at it. (Yes, I know I suck at it. Again, so what?) It doesn't need to be any more difficult, honest.
  4. Just curious if anyone knows if they plan on doing anything more with the pets that isn't just cosmetic? I would really Love some sort of training mechanism or mechanic that would let us teach our pets a few basic commands. "Come", "sit", (or "hover", in the gnat's case), "stay" and "hide", for example. Maybe even require making "treats" to train them with, baked in the oven or cookery. Especially since the cookery is almost useless, as is. Why would you want to go through all that trouble and spend all that time when a basic bug roast usually heals you more than the recipes you have to spend your (barely enough) Raw Science points just to unlock? Yes, the meals they provide have some buffs and other benefits, but generally speaking, I hardly EVER cook with the cookery. I take a couple of spare weevil roasts, and I'm usually good.
  5. Eww. Sorry, but eww. It's bad enough we need them to get big again. Feet are just gross, and toenails are even worse. In my opinion, only place you should find them is in the trash pile. Yuck, yuck and triple yuck.
  6. No, I am sorry, but you are WRONG, sir. (or whatever title you "prefer"). I first used the charcoal canteen in a custom game (while still learning how to play) and was VERY annoyed at how late in the game you DO finally get access to it, as well as how hard it is to make. In a true survival situation, clean water is one of the top three MUST haves; food, water, shelter. Then, maybe you have time to make weapons and armor. You can't even GET a charcoal piece until you have a full set of the RIGHT armor. (Unless you don't mind dying repeatedly, of course.) Do you have ANY idea how rare dew drops CAN be, depending on WHEN and WHERE in the yard you are playing? Once the sun gets high enough, MOST of them evaporate! I've even had it happen WHILE I was running up to it! The REASON a charcoal piece is needed is because it FILTERS the water. (Like the charcoal filters in fish tanks.) Yes, I agree each "dirty" water scoop should be what decreases the durability, but it's not because the piece "cools" off. (Who would drink hot water and then say it's "refreshing"?) And, believe me, once you get to the upper yards, where it is ALL dry grass and weeds that dew drops DONT spawn on, water becomes a lot more difficult to get. 6 scoops is GREAT to have, by end game. I have only run out of water once, after I got that canteen, and that was my own fault because I forgot to refill it while at a base.
  7. Honestly, I REALLY like both of those thoughts. Either give us more inventory space as we progress OR make hot pouch items NOT take up inventory space. (Dont need to do both, of course.) After all, in MOST games of these kinds, a few favorite weapons or tools would be attached to a tool belt, or clipped to or sheathed in a scabbard attached to the harness of your armor, ect. NOT stuffed in your crowded backpack full of food, bug parts and other resources. And by the gods, yes! Please give us a separate GLIDER slot from the trinket/charm box. I have died SO many times getting knocked off somewhere while having a builder or anti-gas badge equipped thus, not having the tuft available to deploy, if I even had the chance. The upper yard bugs especially LIVE and LOVE to send your characters flying off the edge of ANYTHING they possibly can.
  8. I agree, having a whole "2" staircase options is just plain unacceptable. Why are there no other options for those, like ones that use clay and pebbles, or stems and clay, or adobe style, mushroom brick, or ash cement options?
  9. My apologies. I wasn't super clear. My bad. When you hit the d pad to the right (I think, since it's a customizable button option) you get the toggle option to "show" or "hide" the icons on your map. This means Yours, the way points, the field stations, the location icons, ect. Thus, they don't show at all, when off, or show up when on. I think with the map acreen, you can cycle through the different options, but I'm not sure if you can turn off a specific category or not. Hope that helps. I just use words, personally. Ex: "Upgrade resources" on one, "resources" on another, bug parts chest, food chest, ect. I tried using different colors of icons, but that just looked cluttered and chaotic.
  10. Did you know you can turn them off with the show/hide function on the map interface? Or in the D-pad wheel? Could also try just labeling them with words. Typed text blends in better.
  11. I agree with the basic idea/topic. By the time you FINALLY get access to the "best" stuff, and you are at end game/upper yard critters, you need GOOD weapons that can ACTUALLY hurt these things. For example: I happen to LOVE the mosquitoe rapiers, and spend the majority of my time that I fight bugs using it, unless I have something tailored to it's weakness on me. So, when I FINALLY got access to the UPGRADED version, with the tiger mosquitoes, I, of course took the time to hunt them down just to get it. I was SO excited to get another little sliver of health regen out of it! But, not even 24 hours later, you guys NERFED it! That's SUCH crap. It was STILL taking me half a stamina bar to kill some of the easier "tough" guys, and so someone, somewhere, thought it needed an 10+ % nerf??? Why? Why? Why? So, our solution? We took the XBox offline, and haven't installed the patches since the inventory sorting one. I suggest the Devs stop nerfing ALL our best stuff, or people are going to stop playing. At least, online.
  12. No, I am pretty sure they do not mention anything about sealing the haze, anywhere, in game. The lore talks about the Haze lab, and the explosions/infestation that caused him to abandon the facility, and mentions how bad he feels for the infected, but the canister leakage doesn't appear to be something he knows about, at least according to all of the tapes and files I have found, in game. But those Infected Wolf Spiders! Ugh. They are just brutal, tough as hell, and VERY nasty. They have absolutely NO mercy. They will jump halfway across the map to land on your head, and eat you! So, DEVS: stop nerfing ALL the BEST weapons, PLEASE!!! I really,, SERIOUSLY need them if I have ANY chance of killing those undead looking jerks.
  13. My issue is, once you seal the canister, they "said" the infected bugs "wandered". They DID NOT tell us the infections actually SPREAD!! I know I currently have at least THREE of the infected wolf spiders running around trying to kill me, and they re-spawn as infected. I'm not even slightly arachnophobic, but the "infected" wolf spiders absolutely TERRIFY me, even at 43 years old.
  14. I've been playing Grounded for several hundreds of hours now, (since after the hot and hazy update) and I am STILL really disappointed about how little used our "Clay" resource is. Even In a "simulated" survival situation, clay would be an extremely valuable resource! You could easily make thing like: smaller storage containers, dishes to eat from, various cooking implements, waterproofing for different items, and of course, Adobe-style building pieces, paving bricks, and even insulated walls or floors. I know more and better base decorations are one of the most requested items that the community has been begging for from the start, and the functionality of Clay in their crafting process would also be both logical and possible. So, could someone (meaning the devs or other helpful coders) please make clay a little more useful? If we can build a spinning wheel, why not a pottery wheel? Pretty please, with grub goo on top?
  15. I love that people can play together across consoles, but what we ABSOLUTELY NEED is the option to just pick up a controller and join the game while sitting in the same room with your friends or family. (Couch co-op) I personally spend hours upon hours monopolizing the living room TV, and my kids or my spouse can't play this awesome game with me, unless they go somewhere else and use a different system. I hate that! I understand if split-screen programming is too difficult an issue, but what about a certain centimeter distance limit (invisible tether) between players? The camera could simply zoom partway out, so each player could still see what they need to, but it's not trying to track and load two different scenes constantly.
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