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Stilts Made from Daddy Longleg Spider

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The biggest pain while playing I have seen is not being able to build up super high because of how difficult it is to get to a raised elevation. Daddy long leg spiders legs would be the perfect ingredient with other materials to make the LONGLEGGED STILTS! Perfect for walking around and seeing over difficult obstacles. The ideal construction tool. 

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I imagine that would cause way too many problems in-game. After all, why bother to work on improving your par cour skills, or build paths over or across obstacles if you could just throw on a pair of stilts? 

I agree that some way of making building higher structures easier would be awesome, though.

Maybe something more like a visual- only blueprint placing mode that's not unlike the one they made for taking pictures.

Or, as suggested elsewhere, a set of "wings" that only let you go up or down, or that only work while in building mode, ect. 

Stilts would be too much, I think. You could avoid every single battle except the flyers, if you had those. 

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