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  1. Anime? I love anime! My favorite one is "Avatar: The last air hander". It's a very good anime.
  2. I don't know what are you referring to, but you don't need to eat it first to know if it's poisonous or deadly. You get the juice of possible food and apply it to your skin. If there was no reaction you can try a small amount of it or observe it be eaten by some animals. Then you eat more and see if it tastes good. I'm sure it was better known in older times. No risk in trying new things this way. But yeah, the phrase "I respect the first human to be eaten a mushroom" sounds profound as if it was referring to the courage and toughness of life. But eeh... To eat an unknown mushroom is not a biggie if you know how to do it.
  3. If you want to enjoy the game Ukrainian kiddos you should learn Russian first. Or Poland. Or English. No, fella, we can't let your "tato" translate it for you and others pro bono. We just can not, that's all.
  4. The answer from the support is about the license and approval complications of Microsoft. It's like if we (head office) consider the size of some client base isn't translation worthy we wouldn't let it happen even if they try to do it by themselves. (No. It's not something they said to me.) Should we maybe pay you to let us translate it for us? What exactly is the issue here? Can't it be an unofficial but supported extension for which you deny any responsibility? Or games are only for kids from an approved list of nations who speak proper languages? It should be as simple as custom skins and mods.
  5. I want to translate your game into Ukrainian. I like your game so much and it appears it doesn't have a Ukrainian translation so I volunteer to make it! I speak Ukrainian, Russian, English, and French. So I have a good comparison of all. I already participate in linguistic creative activities to translate invasive foreign words on sites dedicated to public vocabulary, I'm helping foreigners to learn the language and more. I'm OK to do it for free, for others' enjoyment as I enjoyed the game.
  6. I hope that no more than half a game is available before the release of Grounded so I have a lot to do after It, and It's not the situation when I only get the robot to tell me that it was already over because I gathered Superchips of a game preview.
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