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    Hehe, this takes me back... That book inspired me to write my first LR(1) parser
  2. @Oblarg I didn't ignore what you said. But to me it looked more like putting your head in the sand. If you know Russia, there wasn't a single year in its history that it didn't have problems during it. Russia is always about problems. Do you know how an average day of an average Russian starts? By drinking a beer. If that's not a problem I don't know what is. And it's only on the social level. Saying that Russia has lots of inner problems, and thus they're not the force they used to be is being plain wrong. Every government understands it. That's why they don't confront them, ever. Unless there is an ocean that separates the two countries. But you didn't answer my question. Where was the whole opposition to Russia during 93-96? Did you look at the latest footage of Grozny? Why no one helps those poor bastards?
  3. @lof So what's wrong exactly? Him shooting you or you drawing a knife on him? What will cause the shooting? The more important question is: will you draw a knife when he barges in? BTW, there is something we agree on! I don't really like Putin either. Could be because of his king'ish appeal.
  4. @Oblarg Sure, Russia isn't competent and not a world player. You just keep telling yourself that, it'll be alright. They don't hold the largest nuclear arsenal in the world. No KGB agents in England died of mysterious cases. And his contact, a well known journalist lived happily ever after! People talking about Putin over the internet don't disappear at all. FSB is just a police. Excuse me, but where were you during 93-96 when Russians just reduced a city to ashes because of an oil line?
  5. Of course not (but it did happen a few times!) But public demonstration yes. Even talking over the internet made some people disappear. But it's more restricted to Russia itself.
  6. Simple really, they drew knives. If someone will draw a knife at me, and I'll have the boom stick, I know I won't hesitate no matter the circumstances. And if you will hesitate, then well, it's your life. Have fun with it! Let me put this into perspective for you. Police barges into your home without a warrant. You draw a knife and move towards the officer. What do you think he'll do? From your perspective it's illegal for him to barge into your house without a warrant, but once you drew that knife. Oh well, know you sure gave him a reason! BTW, I've noticed something: Ooooh, spooky not a word about Russia... I can almost feel that fear kicking in They're a crazy bunch that's for sure. No one has the balls to go against them. And those who do, well let's just say that they tend to loose them, literally! @Oblarg Darn it, you're correct. Well, I can't remember all the details!
  7. ^ Not being able to tell between an extremist and a civilian acting in self defense == being blind. BTW, nothing illegal if they're suspect. I can't put my finger on it exactly, but in very vague details it goes like this: Some time ago there was a ship that was suspect of transferring weapons, not in Russia's interests and not far from Russia itself. Guess what happened next? Oh, and they were in international waters. Illegal you say. Hmm... Maybe you should protest against Russia also? You know, some Uranium may do you good, like that former KGB agent maybe...
  8. Neither did these activists.Can you also vouch for the extremists to not blow up anything (or fire rockets, etc...)?Is there any reason for them being on that boat other than provocative? Family reunion? Hardly... Maybe some Israeli Commandos? Just a thought.Better get your facts straightened out. No activists were hurt, only the extremists.I hope that you don't fell bad that no activists were hurt, because now you can't blame Israel for shooting innocents. @Altered Idol I think you should start with Russia and not with Israel. They have a lot more answering to do, but I don't really see people (and especially governments) demanding answers from them. Oh and in the 90's there was so much fun in Russia, especially in Chechnya! Oh, that oil line brings up long forgotten memories. 80's also was a lot of fun btw, Afghan. Don't wake the sleeping bear? Is that it?
  9. Your father isn't a suspect. For instance he didn't blow up civilian buses... Weapons for self defense? Come'on, don't fall for that cheap slogan. Who was going to attack them? Pirates??? The Kraken????? At a much earlier stage it was clearly stated, no extremists == we'll only check the cargo and let you go. On the other hand they could go through Egypt! But they know better, Egypt doesn't play games. If they would've smell the least of amount gunpowder or even the slightest clue of a cold weapon, it would end in a whole different way. Complete lockdown, anyone tries to run, shoot to kill. No supplies for Gaza for at least a month. But hey, look what happened in the meantime, all the supplies have safely arrived to Gaza. Israel moved them personally. Extremists either in hospitals or in body bags. Non extremists will be allowed to enter once they pass security. But it's not real news anymore because there is no more shooting. Way better to ignore it altogether!
  10. Though it might seem blunt answering a question that wasn't directed to me, it means no offense. The answer depends on how deep you're willing to delve. If you got by the Bible, then the land is rightfully Israel's. If you don't want to involve religion, then it becomes really tough, because the Palestinian nation isn't something that existed before the state of Israel was declared. The term was coined later on. Back under the British law, there were both local Arabs, with all kinds of religions, such as Muslims, Druze, Bedouin, Christians and some other minor factions and Jewish people. Though, it must be noted that the Arab parties weren't exactly on peace terms one with each other, and certainly not with Jews. Year 48 came close, and the Jewish population just grew and grew, mainly because of immigration. They didn't have it easy though, the land was awful, constant attacks from the enemies. But they didn't sit tight either, and raised some armed forces. A small part of the armed forces were actually terrorists, and they went not only against the Arabs but also against the British. The situation, for them, was even worse than it is today in Gaza, so they resorted to radical methods. I don't think that everything that was done was morally acceptable (more of the opposite in fact), but neither the things done to them were right. No matter how you look at it, they built the ground for 48. USSR was very supportive for the Jews (mainly because back then Communism was mostly adopted at that time frame), and many other countries felt wrong about what just transpired in the war, and most importantly the Jewish community in the area was the most united of all others and the only one willing to heavily invest in the area. The decision was made, Israel was founded in 48. It was attacked two days (!!) later. Fended off the invaders (spoken too lightly though, it was a very brutal war, for both sides). Next big conflict came 67, when allegedly Israel attacked first, though it's widely accepted that if Israel wouldn't attack they'd be attacked in a matter of days. In one of the most daring military operations, all opposition was defeated in 6 days. We're talking about one country vs three directly, and many more indirectly. Altogether the opposition consisted of about 10 countries. The aftermath of the operation greatly expanded Israel's borders and allowed safe passage from Jerusalem (the capital) to Tel-Aviv (the hub), and also acquiring the Golan heights as a strategical point, and acquiring Sinai peninsula. At 73, the Israel army was at a relaxed state (too relaxed). They were basically surprised by all their neighbors altogether (some people knew, but let's not get into details here). In the first two days the war seemed lost. However some extremely daring moves on all fronts (and the overconfidence of Syria) allowed Israel to get back on its feet, conquer almost all of southern Syria including the Golan heights, while in Egypt up to Suez canal (including all of Sinai). The move left the opposition stunned, and they had to surrender. Eventually, Israel willingly withdrew its forces from southern Syria, but kept the Golan heights as a strategical point, to ensure that this wouldn't happen again. A few years later a peace treaty was signed with Egypt while returning them all their lands. In the 90's a peace treaty was signed with Jordan. There were other military conflicts, but IMHO they're less important when confronting the question: "Does Israel deserve to exist here?". Given all this encapsulated data, I'd say yes. All of Israel's neighbors brought this on themselves. You don't loose a war and then QQ, especially when you attacked first. What about the Palestinians? One might ask. Well, the Palestinians were "formed" at around the 70's. But most of the Arab countries didn't really care for them, and just used (and still use) them as leverage against Israel. Jordan on the other hand was outright hostile towards the Palestinians and just butchered them (Black September or something like this). The biggest mistake of Israel was that they neglected them. This built the grounds for radical movements. If you'll notice, all the countries that "help" the Palestinians, aren't actually helping them. They just supply them with weapons. That's probably not the best way to help them given their current state... Today, Egypt doesn't care much for them, and really doesn't want them on their territories either. Some countries are "paka paka", while the others supply weapons. Sometimes Israel, EU and the US try to help, but something always goes wrong. In most cases the extremists are behind the undermining (for instance, they constantly steal funds, and it's a fact that no one faces). IMHO, if someone really wants to help they should less QQ about how brutal Israel is towards the terrorist organizations, and really do the helping. Shouting at Israel doesn't help, it only hampers the situation, because Israel is not going away. They have nowhere left to go. Simple as that.
  11. @Nemo0071 I can accept that the extremist forced their way onto the ship, but in this scenario the question that should be asked is how the hell this happen? Wasn't it foreseen at all? I wouldn't believe it in the world! Alternatively, accepting extremists as a "muscle" is not a very genuine move for peace activist, you'll have to agree with me. Especially extremists with "tools of the trade". You can hide a knife, but hiding an axe is far more challenging. Peace activists should negate the whole idea of violent actions. Besides, we're talking academia here. Not stupid people by a long shot (I genuinely hope so), and yet let's suppose, that they relaxed their "peace" terms and allowed the extremists to be on their ship. It's not that much of a brainer that if (or more precisely "when") the ship will be boarded, **** will hit the fan! However, without the "muscle" it's all peace and flowers. If soldiers start shooting anything else than paint-ball, then there would be a real problem. I wouldn't even argue if that was the case! You'd see me protesting in the front lines actually. Why would you need a muscle when you're much stronger without it, if your sole goal is to help the people in Gaza (and they need all the help they can get)? Academia people don't use muscles, they mostly use their brains. There are a lot of questions about this story that should've been asked, but no one dares to ask them! Why? I know that's it's far easier to blame Israel for all the problems that the Arab nation goes through, but eventually questions will arise. And answers will be demanded.
  12. I can totally see that picture: Swedish guy: "Wow, that's a nice pipe there! Are you a plumber?" Infiltrator #1: "Yes, of course I am! I plan to fix all the sanitation problems in Gaza!" Swedish guy (to another infiltrator): "Damn, that's a great axe right there! But why would you need one?" Infiltrator #2: "Oh, I need it to chop down the trees in order to gather wood in order to build houses" Swedish guy (to another infiltrator): "Man, that's one hell of knife! Why do you keep it so sharp though?" Infiltrator #3: "Someone needs to cut the meat for the meal, the knife has to be extra sharp." Infiltrated! Yeah right! Either those civilians are extremely stupid to let them on board, or they weren't even given a choice. I'm not sure what to think... I sure hope for the second though.
  13. Oh, they for sure didn't know that Israel was going to board them. Those clubs, knives and axes were actually construction material for Gaza. Oh, and since they didn't know that they would be boarded, they also brought innocent civilians with them. LOL EDIT: There is also an update! Israel decided to deliver the goods by themselves, thus concluding this bizarre fiasco (at least from my POV). But of course, don't let the facts confuse you! Israel plans to steal most of the goods for themselves. They're just that evil.
  14. virumor, I think you might be on to something! However, Albatross also breaks protocol when he sends her alone to the boat, without a seemingly good reason. Oh and about Mission, please don't remind me. At least she wasn't human.
  15. @Azazel005 I think he'll confront you no matter what. But you can suave your way and still leave one bug active without detection
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