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  1. Yes, Donny, you are. When you have something to say on a forum, and there are no active threads on the subject, you start a new one. It's that simple. The "inconsistency" I talked about was regarding G22 in its entirety, not Albatross' behavior. It's also a problem independent of the mission order. I've never "inquired" anything of the sort. Make a proper quotation instead of calling me out on it. Then don't quote me and make contentious straw men. Create. A. New. Thread. This isn't rocket science, Donny. "Revolve around them" and "the Lucas effect"? More straw men, Donny. Pretty much every single named NPC was woefully underused, but that does in no way preclude giving them a larger part within reason. Or perhaps you should attempt being less of a troll, mister "I'll attempt to be whatever I wish". Not that you're a very good one, necroing a thread no one has read in months. If you were truly looking for an actual discourse, you'd fish in a more active pond. Wake up, Donny: there is no one "involved" in this topic. You're the equivalent of the lonely fat kid splashing around in the kiddie pool at 9 P.M. Actually, you're the one who seems to get awfully worked up over something as trivial as a dead topic regarding a dead game. In any case, conjecture is simply that - it takes far more compelling evidence to back up your position. Occam's Razor, Donny. If Obsidian presents me with a story, I will take it at face value rather than trying to rationalize its shortcomings with baseless "what if" scenarios. A new thread is a "reply to all", genius. Pick one single post and you are addressing the poster. Not. Rocket. Science. Regardless, you've merely wasted my time and your own. If it's an actual discussion you've come to find, you're going to be sorely disappointed - no one gives a damn about what a late-comer has to bring to these boards. If it's trolling you're after, well, you've failed miserably in that regard as well. Enjoy yourself, Donny, because you're your only company. Might I suggest a few sock-puppets to liven up the discussion? Does wonders for the frail ego, I'm told. Goodbye.
  2. Thread necromancy much, Donovan? ...and the inconsistencies I talked about have nothing to do with the order in which you do the missions. Your point? I never said anything about Thorton's ignorance about the warehouse being an issue. The issues are about G22 themselves. You do realize the difference between a building and a plot-element, right? Please show me where I said that I wanted "actual dossiers". No? Of course not. However, we are given G22's motivation - by Albatross himself, no less. The problem lies in that the motivation makes no sense and is, indeed, merely a vortex of more plot-holes. Grigori does serve a purpose during the Moscow mission after initial contact, both as an arms dealer and as a source of information. After that, no, of course he's not going to matter, and no, he wasn't all that interesting. Sis, Brayko and even Deng, on the other hand, were. They also had the potential to be so much more, but were for unfathomable reasons reduced to one-off characters. Spare me your attempts at glibness, Donny. The contention was, and still is, that Sis was an intriguing character that deserved far more than what she got, and in who in no way deserved to be reduced to paper-clippings on a studio floor. Uh-huh. Seeking to create ambiguity does in no way justify poor writing and plot-holes. If you're not going to work on creating an internally consistent plot-element, skip that element altogether. If Albaross had simply declined to divulge G22's "motivation", it would have served the story far better; both by making the organization more ambiguous and mysterious, and also, obviously, by not provoking the question of "LOL WFT". Before throwing out blanket responses, make sure you've actually read and covered the points of contention - it cuts down on the straw men. Also, if you're going to make a generalized post, please start a new thread rather than resurrecting an old one.
  3. Albatross- 22 Conrad Marburg- 8 Henry Leland- 19 Konstantin Brayko- 17 Omen Deng- 26 SIE - 25 Scarlet Lake- 25 (-1) For being a lying, double-crossing bitch. Also, Sis- 27 (+1) Because cute-yet-surprisingly-hot tomboys always get a thumbs up from me. She's also got that whole "mysterious (and implied to be tragic) past" thing going on. Steven Heck- 21
  4. Oh, so you can kill everyone in the third area. I've never been able to kill all the civilians and Al-Bara before he runs off and disappears. Guess I must have been too busy scanning the balcony to notice him running down the stairs and escaping. Another item on my "to do" list for my next playthrough, I suppose.
  5. No, you've made your opinion on the in-game romances quite clear. I'm criticizing it because A) it's overly simplistic, B) because your recommended "solution" is unwanted and unrealistic. If you don't like to have your opinions questioned, don't state them.
  6. The "point" was that you just state an opinion, and a debatable one at that.
  7. @Rimat That's my entire point: as it stands, it takes an almost ridiculous amount of conjecture and guesswork to make G22 to make even some sense. In every mission, the Taipei warehouse included, they do things that, while cool, just make you scratch your head whenever you think about it. The combat missions can essentially be chalked up to "it looks awesome, that why it's in the game", which I can roll with, but for some reason the warehouse really rubs me the wrong way. I think it's because it actually shows you what goes on behind the scenes at G22 - and that's when you can tell that the organization, as written, is a flimsy facade hiding a core of confusion and lack of logic. Oh, being a bastard is fun in its own way. I really like to "buck the system" in any RPG that I play, to see how far you can push the game world and the NPCs before they push back. So far, the most impressive experience was in Jade Empire. The memories still make me misty-eyed...
  8. Please note that few people take the Destructoid review seriously. That just personal opinion, then. As has been said, most romances have to follow the straightforward quest model out of necessity - they must have a beginning and an end. So far, it's worked out pretty well, as there is plenty of room for good characterization in this model. Again, if you want the intricacies of an actual relationship, you'd have to turn to real life.
  9. @Rimat Yeah, the helicopter implies a mobile operation, until you remember the untold metric tons of computer hardware and the massive radio jammer below. There's no way that helicopter can carry all that stuff, even if the headlamp ninjas were able to unplug everything and carry it up to the roof on their backs (which would take days at best). There's also nothing that explains why the helicopter was running in the first place. Maybe the headlamp ninjas were just going for pizza or something. As for the "glorified IT-jockeys" comment, I'm pretty sure my response was Aggressive. That's usually how I play my Mike, especially when it comes to Albatross. I just can't keep myself from provoking that humorless hardass, just to see if I can get him to snap. (Oh, and I actually managed to get him down to Hatred [-10], last time I tried. )
  10. Actually, even the most stingy reviews agree on one thing - the story and the dialogue is good. Alpha Protocol's flaws lie in its gameplay, not in its story or its characters. Greater approachability does not equal dumbing down. Adding complexity to the characters is one thing, and in that regard Obsidian did an adequate job (though, as with all things, there is room for improvement), but adding more relationship drama for the sake of "originality" to the romances would be a mistake, and just come across as gratuitous - unwanted and unnecessary.
  11. I like this Let's Play. Brings back memories of my first playthrough. I made almost all of the same choices as you have. (Obviously, my Mike Thorton ended up being hated and reviled by pretty much everyone.) And I also like the funny little blurbs you write next to every clip. Why haven't you included them in the YouTube videos? Might net you some more (well-deserved, I might add) hits.
  12. Oh, yeah. The excellent writing in Alpha Protocol really shines through when you actually get the cold, always-in-control Albatross to swear personal vengeance on you. Considering what you have to tell him, I honestly can't blame the man.
  13. Heh, no, I don't like it. Preserving the status quo only makes sense when you can't improve your own lot. If an organization as powerful as G22 was controlled by a government (or several allied governments), there is no reason why it wouldn't spend more (or even all of its) time advancing that government's goals. Hey, Alpha Protocol does it for the US, as Parker explains in the beginning of the game. Even the game admits the value of G22's intel alone when you loot their Taipei database, calling it a "goldmine" that other intelligence agencies would find "invaluable". As such, the only real answer is that G22 is rogue. (This would also buy into the whole "G19" connection, too, by the way.) I totally get where you're coming from, and I've thought about it as well, but the Taipei warehouse flies against this theory. The warehouse was a covert data hub for G22, yet there are no non-combatants in the building. And that's despite G22 knowing absolutely nothing about Mike's infiltration attempt (as Albatross later tells him). Mike calls the ninjas "glorified IT-jockeys" in the dialogue, implying that they are, in fact, the on-duty technicians. This, in combination with the G22 dossier that says their operatives are essentially brains first, brawn second, essentially tells us that G22 really only bothers with recruiting and training headlamp ninjas to fill most if not all of their roles. No, it doesn't make sense, and yes, I would very much like to see a sequel explaining what G22 is really about. Right on. That would be quite a stretch, yes, especially since Albatross evidently trusts Sis with the role of bodyguard, and that Sis seems both loyal and serious about her job when you meet them in the park. The "dragon" is more likely G22 itself, or even the world in its entirety.
  14. I don't think so. You face either Parker of Marburg, never both, just as with Leland/Westridge.
  15. Hey, thanks for the info, Oner! Seems like a rather poor excuse for the devs to get all antisocial on the rest of us, though...
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