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  1. I already posted this question on the technical forum, but since this is a modding thread, I guess its worth asking here aswell. Sorry if this sound kind of "unrelated". I was interested in replaying the game using my gamepad (logitech rumblepad II, Playstation like), but the lock-picking minigame requires the use of analogic triggers Is it possible to tweak that so it uses the stick instead?
  2. I know, but DX was the first thing I instantly remembered!
  3. When you first meet Steven Heck, in the dialog, when he asks what agency you come from, if you choose to avoid the question or something like that, Thorton says something like "I come from a agency...". Heck then starts enumerating agencies you might come from, among the list he says "Majestic 12", Deus Ex reference!
  4. I just registered to tell the OP this. I haven't got the game yet. but I too am a pc gamer who hates mouse acceleration in games (dead space, assassin's creed 2, I'm looking at you!). But I found a fix searching on google. It basically alters a line in the registry, preventing windows from responding to mouse acceleration, regardless of whther its been harcoded into a game or not.created by a user called "cheese" search for "cheese's mouse fix" or "cheesemfix". it comes with an alternative method. Though cheese's much better. and is reversible, without the need of rebooting orr anythig. just c
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