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  1. Same here aswell. We wanted to test the System and came up with the same error. My Friend started the game and shared it with me. We played together. Then both exited the game. I hosted his shared world, built some things and went offline again. When my friend wanted to host the game again he started from zero.
  2. Yes. I also reported that bug. Same happens with your armor on the armor stands btw it already hass been there before and got fixed in 13.1. but it is back now. As a workaround you should put the armor and weapon in a chest.
  3. Hi there, the bug wich has been solved in one of the last patches: Items will no longer gradually lose durability after multiple save / loads on difficulties that are not "Medium". Is back again. Playing on Xbox one on Singleplayer and Multiplayer. As a workaround you can store the items in the chests. greetings
  4. Hi there, i have been playing a multiplayergame on xbox and discovered two problems with weapon/armor cloning. The first thing i discovered was, that my fresh lvl 6 Bone Dagger got replaced by a lvl 7 Spicy Black Ant Sword. The Bone Dagger was located on a weapon stand on a wall. So now i have no Bone Dagger but two lvl 7 Spicy Black Ant Swords. The second cloning/exchanging i discovered has been my swimming set on an armor stand. The stand was equipped with a bubble helmet, a Koi breastplate and Flip Flops. When i went there to exchange the Armor it has changed to the Black Ant Armor i have been wearing (lvl 8/9). So now i have two almost completely updated Black Ant armor sets and no swimming equipment. Aditionally, since the Bugs Strike Back update, i can't upgrade my Black Ant Sword. It should be lvl 8. But since the update it changed to lvl 7. I can klick on "upgrade", the effectsound appears but the weapon stays the same. I even crafted a new one but can't upgrade that beyond lvl 7 aswell. (This Problem occurs on Singleplayer aswell) Anyone else is discovering that problems? Greetings, Hillerious
  5. The Jewel-Recipes are unocked by a Burgl-Chip. Not sure about the Dust Mite Fuzz. But i think the arrows are unlocked by the splinters.
  6. I have the same Problem with one of my Ziplines. Once inside the wall you either have the coice to destroy the wall or give up. As a Workaround you can put the Anchor on top of an open door. So you just slide inside the building. My System: Xbox One - Single Player
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