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  1. The general idea is actually very clever. Retaliation was a fun idea, and it keeps the game 'spicy'. But some raids are just plain imbalanced and unwinnable, and frankly ruin the overall gaming experience. Examples? Mosquito raids. They are a super-aggressive enemy, that youve no choice but to fight if they spot you, because they are the only enemy thatll cross almost HALF the freaking map during a run-away to keep pursuing you. These flying pests also seem to love going straight for high-areas, such as my zip-line towers. The turrets can't reach them, and just end up damaging the poor tower as I'm TRYING to fend off these bad boys. I can't just fly MYSELF, so it ends up being insanely imbalanced for the fight back. 9/10 times if I get a mosquito raid, I just close the game and reload. It doesn't end up being worth the destruction they bring. Ant raids? Winnable. Spider raids? Winnable. But mosquitos? Frustrating, and a let down to the overall game play experience. Side-note: Being too weak to kill mosquitos isn't the issue. I have Roly Poly armor that is maxed out, and use my Mint Mace against them in normal fights to have the Fresh advantage. But when they are focused on destroying my towers and not on fighting me, and thus remain airborn, my gear isn't helpful.
  2. My mushroom grinder to make slurry is glitched since the newest update. All 5 slots had been full, but it only visibly shows one bowl of slurry. It still reads 5/5 slots occupied, but won't let me take the other 4. Even holding down the Take All button results in only the ONE slurry slot going into my inventory. I decided 'Alright, I'll scrap the machine and use the recycled parts to build me a new one.' But the last THREE TIMES I held down the recycle button, the game completely crashes and closes out. So I can't use my grinder, but also can't scrap it. Thoughts??? P.S: All other features in the game thus far have been fine since the full release. I am not starting over and losing 200 hours of work and game play just for a grinder So any other suggestions than "Well just start over" would be appreciated.
  3. 1. Being able to unlock more marker options would be helpful. I.E, other plant symbols, letters, and more. 2. Being able to NAME our chest/baskets, if we don't want the symbols. I.E: Leather, Burr, Quartz. It can be short names, even just 4 letters max could help us keep things organized. 3. Easier way to know WHICH ziplines you're attempting to connect to; colors, letters, ANYTHING to assign to a zip so you know it's connecting to the zipline you intend it to.
  4. Biome: Garden, next to The Shed Produces resources: Tomato, Peppers New creatures here: Caterpillars (food source, grub source), butterflies, snails, and earthworms, and one mini boss. Mini Boss: Praying Mantis SNAILS: Hard Shell Parts, Snail Slime Hard shells make for durable, heavy armor. Slime uses found below. BUTTERFLIES: Wings, Bug Goop Butterfly Glider: Wings are an alternative to DANDELION tufts, for you to drift downwards. They will detioriate the same as tufts, but would last longer since they'd be the Tier 2 glider, with dandelions being Tier 1. PET GEAR: Tiny wings to equip to your pets. Purely for aesthetics, just like the goggles. I think little chirping Aphids with tiny wings would be stupid adorable. --- New building ideas: 1. Mushroom roofs (..why don't we have these??) 2. Hot Tubs (made with charcoal chunks, stone, and acorn shells) - must be filled by the player (like the water basins) 3. Slides (acorn shells, Snail slime, and stem), to quickly travel down. I.E: Upper floor of a large base back down to the ground without all the twists and turns of spiral staircases. 4. Slime-N-Slides. I posted another thread about this. It's like flooring, but is a path you make to travel very quickly from Point A to Point B, on the ground. The primary ingredient of course would be Snail slime. The players would glide on their bellies from start to finish, unless they hit a button to 'roll off' and disengage - just like hopping off a zip line.
  5. One of my suggestions has been to add Slugs to the world, and to use the slime to upgrade your zip lines to Level 2, thus increasing the speed.
  6. (spoilers!!) Audio of the bees sleeping DRASTICALLY needs taken down a notch. I've built a giant mushroom castle on the DND board at the picnic table, and visually this is one of my proudest bases and I LOVE bringing my friends here, but holy heaven...the bees are INSANELY loud when they're sleeping. Its not enjoyable at all hanging around there after dusk.
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