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  1. Do you want to romance one or two of your companions? I do because the romanceable characters become more deep and intresting persons. It also helps me made my role-play in game diffrent and intresting every time. Developers please give us opportunity.
  2. I am Russian and I wnt to give my money. Return me my russian text.
  3. Planescape: Torment remake or Baldur's Gate Balck Hound. And no one else is woth money.
  4. Baldur's Gate: Black Hound. It was closed when 80% was ready.
  5. Oh please, Planescape: Torment worth remake, many people who want to play in it can't do that because of grafic- too old.
  6. I will give my money only on Planescape: Torment remake. This game is the gratest game on the world. Another games don't worth my money.
  7. Reamke will pbe perfect. With cenematigrafy like Dragon age game will perfect.
  8. I read this interview And I want ot say: PLEASE DO REMAKE PLANESCAPE! I buy it! Many people want to see it. There is only one gamedevs, who can make it- Obsidian.
  9. I hope it will be Neverwinter Nights 3. I miss Forgotten Realms. And I wish them to do Baldur's gate 3: Black Hound. May be some idea from this game/
  10. I hope too. More on characters and story than something else. Good luck him.
  11. Mr J.E. Sawyer what's happen with this module? It is dead?
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