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  1. I think most people have imagination rich enough, but not everyone is willing to use it.
  2. But paying to play video games with girls is, indeed, capitalism exclusive. At least so far. Also I think that it is possible to view paying to play with girls as something pretty connected to capitalism , although it is surely not exclusive for it in principle. I think this phenomenon is quite possibly consequence of some problems which are pretty characteristic (<- is this adjective?) for capitalism or at least "nowadays western society". (I know that I haven't put any arguments to support my claims. I just don't want to invest so much time into this discussion unless Ill be provoked
  3. You are missing his point. Neither slavery nor sex trade are capitalism exclusive, nor are they characteristic for it. And what's wrong with sex trade, anyway?
  4. QFT, seriously, I live in Brussels, everytime a game is released with french voice acting (without the possibility to switch the language) in need to make a purchase from Amazon.uk to be able to get the game in english. Honestly guys, you don't know how the voice acting is HORRIBLE, it's like they hired some hobo's to do the work....seriously! And this is not only for the french part, it is also the same deal with the Spanish dubs.... Its obvious that these countries doesn't have the same quality of voice actors, not only for videogames but also for cartoons and dubbed movies, it's like the
  5. I'm going to play the fundamentalist here and pick apart every word from your post. The Catholic church went out of the way to develop both the fields of angelology and demonology, to say that they think that they are symbols would contradict themselves. Maybe this was merely just one person's opinion, unless is declared by the hierarchy of the Church is not declared to be so. Also, the New Testament features more demons that the Old; Jesus goes everywhere exorcising demons and healing cripples. There is also a references to the Key of Solomon in the New Testament which was a mystical know wh
  6. So according to my friend mentioned before, question whether angels do have free will is (probably) not explicitly stated in catholic catechism/dogmatism, nor is it (explicitly) mentioned in Bible. But it seems that more common opinion would be that they do have it, as some passages in Bible seem to indicate it (for example more-less what is written in your post). It should be also noted that concept of angels (as real beings) is far from being central in catholic (christian) religion. It could probably be theologically advocated that Satan/angels are not real (for example being just symbols)
  7. I'm not sure it's nonsensical. Probably a tautology though. Please do ask your theological friend. Should be interesting. Yes, I think you are right, it's not nonsensical. I formulated my thought in the wrong way, and even thought itself was not really true, or at least not true in context of your post. My fault. I expect to meet that friend of mine probably this weekend, if I'll learn anything interesting I'll post it then.
  8. My knowledge of Christian theology isn't great, but are you sure that angels doesn't have free will (of some sort, at least)? I doubt it is explicitly stated in Bible and I don't know if is this question even addressed in "official roman-catholic catechism" or something. I can ask this question one in this field much better educated friend of mine later this week, if you want. Added: Also, if Satan has no free will, your sentence "1. It's no wonder Satan wants to punish us." is nonsensical, isn't it?
  9. I'm not sure I understand your question, but as far as I know neither Obsidian nor Bioware is working on any D&D title. Though both companies probably have some unannounced projects...
  10. Do not underrate your customers , I think most of us would like to see more mature games. On the other hand, first priority should be to make the game good, do not yourself force into things which you call serious issues. I can imagine myself playing game for example about (at least partially) poverty (I'll take poverty as an example, but all other themes you suggested could be probably substitued in next text), but still, it has to be done well. Also, do not overrate seriousness of issues you were talking about. While game about poverty surely has a great potential (this is important, altho
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