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  1. I just installed the Forgotten Sanctum and all the latest patches (v., but I cannot access the Forgotten Sanctum. In my latest savegame, my ship starts out just outside Harbinger's Watch, having finished both of the latest two expansions (i.e. Seeker, Slayer, Survivor and Beast of Winter). In this savegame, I have also finished the entirety of the whole game except for the final endgame on Ukaizo.) When I sail from Harbinger's Watch, I get an alert that there is a storm near the Black Isles. I successfully pass that cutscene and then I continue on to Neketaka. Then
  2. Thanks. Hmm . . . so I got that storm, and I got a missive about the Pet Cleaver. But I'm not getting anything about the Forgotten Sanctum.
  3. Can someone tell me how to start the Forgotten Sanctum? I've finished every part of the game, and then I reloaded a saved game from where I finished the whole game (including the expansions) except for the very, very end. So I'm just sailing around in my ship, waiting for something to happen. But nothing's happening. So I don't know how to find the Forgotten Sanctum.
  4. So I have a similar problem. The last time I visited Arkemy's mansion, it was regarding Bekarna. I went to his study on the first floor, and I was told to go see him in the laboratory. I went down, and we used his scrying pool to talk to the rest of the archmages. No problem. Anyway, many, many hours of gameplay later, I come across the Waterlogged Journal on the island with the fampyrs. I go back to Arkemyr's mansion to talk to him, and he's still in the laboratory. I go towards him, and he, his imps, and his constructs are all hostile.
  5. I can't even find Onekaza to receive "Shadow under Neketaka" and "Fruitful Alliance". When I speak to Aruihi, he tells me that from now on, I should talk to Onekaza. But Onekaza is not in the throne room anymore. So I don't know where she is.
  6. Dear Obsidian and the Pillars of Eternity development team, I only just heard about Pillars of Eternity when I was browsing Good Old Games for something to play. I can't believe I never heard of PoE before, but now I'm hooked. (I already backed PoE II and I haven't even finished the original!) I'm a few hours into the game, and I have a few suggestions for minor technical improvements: (1) In the journal, it should be easier to go back and edit text. For example: I've been keeping a log of where there are extra camping supplies so that I can go back and pick them up later. But I've
  7. > ... the power of suggestion and rivalry can reinforce to a PC that the NPC is an object to be desired. Translation: gamers are a bunch of nerds who live vicariously through the imaginary worlds in which they play. Then again, we're in good company with those who follow soap operas. They constitute a productive, respected and honored sector of society, right? There was an awesome commercial with James Cameron saying that he wanted this and that and sundry things to be "awesome", with each object exploding in response. But I've found recently that I'm watching romantic comed
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