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  1. * My Gameplay Tweak Suggestions * First of all, I absolutely loveeee Grounded and I am a day 1 player on day 458!. Love every update and how much the game has grown since day 1. Just three gameplay suggestions that could help polish the game before full 1.0 release.... - Hold to Rise Above Water 1) When swimming you could have an optional button to rise to the surface rather than having to look up and swim upwards. Such as holding A on the Xbox. It is abit more immersive and real when you have to swim up, but having an option to rise to the surface automatically would help out alot of newer players and players that are used to mechanics like this. You could make this mechanic use the slower option just like normal swimming upwards rather than using stamina and fast swimming. You could also have a optional button used to sink down. (How to implement: There could be in the text help on the side when the player is underwater stating hold A to rise) - Locked Inventory 2A) When switching to items or consuming items, your inventory gets shuffled around. Sometimes I'll gather resources and than use a few tools, gather more resources and go back to my inventory to equip something and it has changed position. More so, when you put an item such as a pebblet axe in slot 1, you equip it and gather resources and than unequip the item, it will go to the furthest bottom free space. My suggestion is you could make it so the hotpouch items always remain in the first 8 backpack slots. Than your strong hand/weak hand/glider/head/upper body and lower body have the next 6 slots locked after the 8 hotpouch slots. This would help the players inventory stay looking fresh and neat. 2B) Alternatively to the above idea, you could make it so the players could assign 14 locked slots in their backpack. For example they could choose gas mask for slot 1, pebblet axe for slot 2 and clover shin guards for slot 3. If they equip their pebblet axe and then pickup some sprigs (which they previously had 0 of) the sprigs would be put in the next free slot that isn't locked and slot 1 would still remain empty. Than when the player unequips their pebblet axe, it would go back to slot 1. Yes some players could think of this as wasting precious backpack space, but for other players, they may rather have this option. (How to implement: When the item is in use, you can have a copy of the item but in black and white or you could put a red X through the space showing nothing can go in there except the locked item) - Rename Ziplines 3) Just like you can now rename chests, renaming ziplines would be fantastic. Especially useful for when you try to connect them up and they are not in visible range. You could use a naming system to know you are connecting the "Sand Pit" zipline to "Base 1" zipline for example. (How to implement: Just like the renaming of chests, allow players to go in and rename ziplines) - Stay safe, and stay grounded.
  2. This is a fantastic idea, having giant crayons in the backyard where you can go harvest for (colored chalk chunks or something). It would be awesome to dye different armor pieces, like a set of "pink" ladybug armor or a set of "black" ant armor.
  3. Like the idea of the ladybug shield.
  4. You have some solid ideas and I love how you gave them descriptions of where they are found and what they are used for! Hope to see some implemented or atleast see some of them in the backyard.
  5. Two small changes that would make a big difference: 1. You can relocate some built items such as chests, spinning wheels, pallets and workbenches, so why not be able to relocate every built item? Such as fencing, staircases, zipline anchors and flooring/roofing perhaps? This would make moving or re-arranging your bases easier to do. Especially when moving / re-arranging bases up high or far away from resources. . 2. Additionally why not make it so when recycling items, we get 100% of the resources back? Or is there a reason that it is not like this? I was changing up my zip-line anchors and had to demolish one. I got less than half the resources back and this is very costly with long distance zip-lines. . Just two suggestions of mine to think on. Absolutely love your game and all the updates you bring out. Keep up the solid work! From: A friendly backyard survivor
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