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  1. I think you might be on to something there scritchowl! Future mount XD
  2. While I agree with most of this list, I do have to ask one thing FUZZY JUMPING SPIDERS!!!! ARE YOU CRAZY??? lol
  3. Please for all that is holy in the world, stop the game from moving stuff all over my inventory. While you're there could you add wheel scroll support for the hot bar, this shouldn't even need saying in a modern game. The other issue is that crafting rope one at a time is stupidly slow and takes away from the games excitement, a multiplier or something needs adding. Should also add tooltip support for things like armor/mutation perks instead of having to dig about for the information. Another idea, make it so you can look around you with ALT while running/swimming.
  4. This is one of the two main issues I really HATE with his game. Stuff moving about in my inventory annoys the hell out of my OCD. I keep all my regens and tools down the bottom out the way of new things I gather but they move to the top every time I swap a tool. The second issue I have is the hot bar itself, why is it not possible to use the mouse wheel to cycle the bar? it's really annoying given its such a common feature these days (Especially in survival games).
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