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  1. I agree but take it a step more and remove the Immune in general have a higher resist but not a complete block of it.
  2. I like this alot, the values do seem a tad stronger then i think they should be. For example Sharpshooter lvl 3 with 30% more damage and 10% attack speed adding in the Marksman's cap armor's 15% i think? Might get a little range heavy i already find myself falling back to a crossbow for alot of fights.
  3. I think this could be a thing but i belive there is already a easy way i see to move alot of things . Pet ants with a follow option this would build upon the ant armor itself , and build on the pet system in the works. More over the ability to mount a soldier ant i think sticks with the theme more then adding in a train. This is just my take on it i rather see old assest used before we move to far forward.
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