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  1. Happy anniversary, Obsidian ! I am looking forward to see your future games! (... The PoE1 part gave me goosebumps )
  2. Late for the party - but here goes! I absolutely ADORED the PoE series. The first game is actually my favorite of all time - and that comes from someone who has been playing computer games since I was old enough to hold the computer mouse. *Literally.* Thing is - I played both PoE and Deadfire for the first time *less than 6 months ago.* I do not have any real nostalgia associated with the products (although, I certainly feel nostalgic listening to PoE music tracks on YouTube), as I was late for the CRPG party overall and been playing everything from BG2-3 (EA), DA:O, DOS2, Tyranny, Pathfinder: Kingmaker and, of course, PoE since fall 2020. And, like I said, PoE was by *far* my favorite (not just among CRPGs, but OVERALL) - and that is although I sincerely enjoyed each and every one of these titles. My heart broke a little when I wrapped up the series to move on to Pathfinder: Kingmaker (I had the post-series depression for days). It might be because I come from an ARPG-heavy background - with a lot of games like Diablo, Grim Dawn, some Path of Exile and Wolcen - but eveything about PoE(1) rubbed me the right way. The main plot felt personal, with a moderate sense of urgency instead of "yeah uhm, doomsday is near - but imma solve your pity squabbles anyways" (like stated in the comments above). I enjoyed the combat (despite having a poor history with RtwP since DA:O that really had me struggling), I absolutely adored the available voice acting and I would any day prefer that kind of quality over full VO, I loved *each and every single one* of the companions of PoE(1), the music was so beyond next level that I have an entire playlist dedicated to Justin Bell, and I did every single companion quest line during my very first playthrough. Cannot say I did the same for Deadfire. Deadfire was a good game in many aspects - especially regarding combat (and multi-classing <3), the small "book"-events that even included individual characteristics of the companions (loved these sooo much!), well written romances (although disappointing endings to them, imo), continued amazing companion interactions (their monologues that pop up during quests and events) - and of course, yet more amazing music! ... But I also experienced a lot of issues with Deadfire that never occurred to me in the first game. Like the very long intervals of dialogue silence during side quests (as companion dialogues only would pop up after progressing the main story) - which lead to the remarkable time of *13 hours real time dialogue silence while I wrapped up some side-content*. Then once I proceeded with the main story - ALL of my companions wanted to chatter at the same time (right in front of our enemies!!). That left me very annoyed and "un-immersed", and quite honestly? I struggled picking up the immersion in general after that (this must've been around 30ish hours in). The ending also left a rather sour taste in my mouth - and without giving any spoilers I just felt like I didn't get the option to explain my reasoning to Eothas properly and that the game read my motivation all wrong. I mean - I felt like my choice of action (and reasoning) was anything but unique and mind blowing (judging by previous commentary), yet the writers did not seem to account for it at all - although they included passages that were much more complicated / elaborate (which is a good thing! I just wish they would have any reasonable response for people in my seat). Either way - the way Eothas interpreted my actions, and (more importantly) the lack of proper explanation-options from my side had me salty for WEEKS! Anyways, back on the main subject - I also watched the "Breaking the mold"-presentation and read many of the interviews with Sawyer - and they break my heart. It saddens me to see Sawyer's apparent disappointment in a, imo, not just great but FANTASTIC game series. I remain hopeful for a PoE3 - and I'd be willing to wait more than 10 years if that is necessary. HOWEVER, I only want PoE3 if the developers come back to it with the same love and effort that radiated throughout Pillars of Eternity (1). Otherwise, I'd prefer them to leave the two games as they are and have the developers move on to something else that they can properly fill with genuine love and attention - no matter how saddened I'd be. I get that the investments require success because... Well, companies need money to not bankrupt. Especially since they nowdays are with Microsoft that really want to maximize their profits. But I really, really, really wish that the developers could see PoE2 not for what it became (which is not a bad game by any standard, even if it did not reach their expectations), but rather - the absolutely AMAZING game that it could develop into if they just gave it some time, love and thought. :[ I also very much hope that Obsidian realize that a huge blame for the poor start was due to limited marketing! I would have bought the game in a heartbeat, had I known about it at the time... But alas - I did not, and I arrived many years later as a result. Deadfire might not have been perfect - but nothing will ever be when you choose to experiment with new techniques and get rushed the way they did. It was overall a great game - and more importantly, it pawed a good path for a PoE3 with the data that you acquired from the successes and failures of Dreadfire. Sorry for the long post - I just feel very passionate about the entire series as they, imo, make the best CRPGs in the market (from someone with no nostalgic bias :] ).
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