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  1. I recognize Starks and Poddar from the first Outer Worlds game. I thought they both did work on Deadfire too. I hope Cain and Boyarsky are both still involved. What is a second fall out deja vu?
  2. Maybe that explains why the gunplay in FO4 feels (to me at least) like a bit of a bump up when compared to FO3/NV. Though, as you say, I wonder how much they actually did since (in my opinion) the gunplay in FO4 isn't even on the same plane of existence as Wolfenstein: The New Order, Doom 2016, Doom Eternal, etc. EDIT: I just updated my profile picture. I'm not biased at all!
  3. Now that Microsoft owns both, what if Obsidian did some collaboration with Id? Let Id design/help with the gunplay, gameplay, movement, etc. And Obsidian does all of the writing/artwork/basically everything else. I know the chances of this happening are next to zero. And I can't even be sure that it would work well (too many cooks). But I can dream!
  4. Just wanted to say, thanks again guys. This party comp has been crazy strong. I'm actually having a significantly easier time on POTD using this party than I did on Hard, as I recall. Just goes to show how important a good party comp can be. That or I just have adapted to micro'ing better. Even the Adra Dragon went down without any issues! Getting ready to start WM, and I'll have to scale it up.
  5. Most of your tips, I'm doing anyway, but this tip stuck out to me. Having the paladin be the one to summon just makes sense. As for the chanter, yes, the phantom has been dubbed the Party Hero. This is just insane. I will definitely be trying this out late game. I will be on the lookout for this "Preservation" Item Property. I don't want to know where to find one; I'm sure it'll pop up on its own in due time over the playthrough. It sounds like more than one item has this property. I don't mind that the game can be broken this badly since it will be a very late game strategy (lvl 15+). I prefer and enjoy that Act I is the hardest (though I see why some people would want the opposite). I personally like the feeling of "earning your power," so to speak. Will this party comp work on the Adra dragon? I've a feeling that Twin Scythes (dragon thrash + flames of immolation) won't be enough, and the only reason I bring it up, is I remember the Adra dragon giving me a really hard time even on Hard difficulty years ago. Though its possible I was just under leveled.
  6. Thanks so much for the tips, guys. Last night, I finally decided to take the plunge and use the party from the link with the cipher switch as Demon72 had suggested. So that left me with: Chanter/Paladin/Priest/Cipher/Druid/Wizard I sold a lot of items to Heomar so I could afford a 6 man party as soon as I got to Gilded Vale. My chanter is my main for RPing reasons, though I suspect this is a bad tactical choice, since having access to a higher level of spells on a Vancian caster would probably be more game changing. Everyone is meadowfolk human (roleplaying they're all farmers). Went straight to Temple of Eothas with lvl 3 chanter and lvl 2 everyone else (but at least I still had a 6 man party). Was it difficult? Ok, side note on Pillars - the difficulty of this game seems to be very adjustable and goes far, far beyond simply picking POTD vs Hard vs etc. It also depends on party comp/amount of min maxing, and also on what strats you're willing to use and not use. This is something I really like about the game. Case in point, if I had spammed resting and Vancian spell dump every 2-3 encounters, then I think it would have actually been fairly easy. Instead I treated it like an Expedition and could only rest based on the camping supplies I brought with me and without going back to the inn. This made every encounter more intense. The encounter with the two skuldr kings on the lowest level had me doing so much micro, the game actually "felt" like a turn based game. I was doing things I never needed to do on Hard, such as weapon swapping, timing the Paladin's Flames of Devotion instead of just blindly opening with it, using the stairs as a choke point, etc. A particularly epic moment was when my summoned phantom stunned one of the skuldr kings just before it landed a killing blow on my chanter. Then my paladin punished it with two flames of devotion shots from her bow (I didn't even know you could use Flames of Devotion with ranged weapons. Flames of Devotion Blunderbuss? *Contemplates*.) I'm having a blast. I think I'll only get better as I learn how to use this party better. POTD has also made me appreciate experience points (and thus, questing) so, so much more. On Hard, if I recall correctly (it was five years ago), I remember being able to mostly travel anywhere I wanted without having to worry about being under levelled too much. As a result, experience points didn't feel as significant. Though I still loved that playthrough as well.
  7. Actually, Boeroer, you've got me really curious about the Monk now. Suppose I were to use the party comp provided in the Link (Pal/Barb/Chanter/Druid/Priest/Wiz). Maybe replace the Barb with a Cipher. What do you think would be the best way to incorporate a monk? Or should the Monk replace the Barb/Cipher, actually? I suddenly feel inspired to make a Monk main and RP him like Goku. His only mission is to challenge himself by engaging in the most difficult combat fights the world has to offer (this would give me the RP excuse to take on all the game's hardest encounters). He isn't good or evil, but his drive to challenge himself causes him to inadvertently do good things, since oftentimes the most powerful beings are also morally questionable (Cauncelhaut, for example). I plan on taking on all of the bounties/all dragons/100 % the combat. EDIT: Would it make most sense for him to be a follower of Magran, then, if he is to follow a deity at all? (Contemplates)
  8. Great stuff here, thanks. I might actually just run with the great 6 man party from the provided link mostly as is, since it uses a lot of classes I didn't use on my other playthrough (hard mode). In my original play through (about 5-6 years ago?) I did not have a chanter, barbarian, or a druid. I've played this game once before and it was on hard mode back when the game was new (version 1, so I imagine some mechanics have changed - not that I could remember anyway). How much does race matter in each character choice? If I were to run with that great party link, but pick mostly humans and elves, or maybe all orlans (this is all just for theme), how much will that mess my party comp up? I'm getting this feeling for sure, by simply looking at all the variety in which ways people tackle POTD. There is no substitute for experience so I just need to get out there and try it out. In my hard playthrough, I used Grieving Mother with the blunderbuss. It was ridiculous! My party comp was Fighter(Eder)/Paladin(Pallegina)/Priest(Durance)/Cipher(GM)/Ranger(Sagani)/Wizard(Main). Besides GM, my main was the most ridiculous character (citzal lance/etc). But this likely says more about how I play the game than anything about the actual character balance. Thank you for the tips on early play. It makes sense regarding armor. I just need to get out of my old stuck AD&D mentality of (wizards can't wear armor!). Actually I think they could if they multiclassed, anyway. On a side note: Say an enemy has 10 DR and Corrode DR 5. And I hit them for 12 Corrode damage. They take 7, correct? But what if an enemy has 10 DR and NO other listed DRs. And I hit them for 12 Corrode damage. Do they take 12 damage or do they take 2 damage?
  9. Hi, I'm new to POTD. Will this party comp be ok for POTD? Any easy/obvious improvements? I'm worried that I have too many squishy characters. --------------------------------------------------- 1) Main - Chanter. Hatchet/Shield and heavy armor, about 16 in MIGHT/PER/INT/RES; Dump Dex to 3. Rest of stats at about 10. Tank/dmg phrases/summon invocations. (Is ancient memory any good?) Generally take defensive talents. 2) Second Tank - ????? No idea, but I feel like I should probably have a second tank. 3) Priest. Cloth. Aim for high (about 16) DEX/MIGHT/PER/INT, mainly. Sacrifice RES/CON some as needed. Goal is to simply spam fast buffs and heals as needed. No idea on talents. 4) Wizard. Cloth. 16 in DEX/MIGHT/PER/INT, Con at about 10, dump RES to 3. Take weapon talents. Generally used for crowd control/AOEs/Debuffs, but occasionally can self buff and use Staff/Citzal. 5) Cipher. Cloth. 16 in DEX/MIGHT/PER/INT, sacrifice Con and Res as needed. Take biting whip, draining whip, penetrating shot, blunderbuss, etc. Or is the blunderbuss bad on POTD due to ACC penalty? 6) Ranger. Cloth. Aim for high DEX/MIGHT/PER. Do I need INT at all on a ranger? Can sacrifice Con/Res as needed. Take the bear for extra tank support. Take the hunter's bow and penetrating shot, weapon focus, etc. -------------------------------------------------- EDIT: Trimming the post, making it less wordy. Also, shoutout to all the posters who have already put up good builds/strategies for various styles of POTD play (solo, triple crown, etc). There is a wealth of information already available that I've just now started to look at. Awesome community.
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