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Found 3 results

  1. I’ve been working on a party build idea this last week and it’s turned into a fun challenge that I think the community might enjoy: Create a party of characters that each personify a different deity. Divine Avatars The gods of Eora are the personification of mortal ideals and experiences - Justice & Vengeance, Memory & Grief, etc. This concentration of personality and singular focus is the source of lots of drama and conflict, but it also serves as a mirror for mortals to see what it looks like if one part of who they are becomes too dominant. For some it’s a cautionary tale, but for others, it is the path they choose or the the path they’ve been placed on by their experiences. For us as character builders, what would it look like to create a character that is the personification of a god? To build a character that reflects the ideals, themes, and portfolio of a god, but also a story that explains how they have come to be this way. They may worship this god or not. The god may acknowledge them or not, but they are an embodiment of the archetype the god represents. Challenge Criteria Create a party of characters that each embody a different God of Eora. These characters must have: Consistent Choices - choose attributes, items, skills, and abilities that express the character and portfolio of the god and create a fun, successful, and compelling build. Most choices are in the spirit of the challenge, but don’t pick things that contradict the theme of the god, even if they are mechanically strong. E.g. a Rymergand build might really benefit from Magran’s Favor, but it would be a stretch to connect a fire focused item with his portfolio of cold and decay. Divine Power - Have at least 1 stat that is 18 before racial and background adjustments Divine Flaw - Have at least 1 stat that is 3 before racial and background adjustments Unique Traits - must be different class or class combination than other gods in your party, have different attributes, etc. E.g. Can’t create a party of gods who all have min RES and max PER Bi-Vocational Clergy - cannot be a single class priest. That’s no fun for this challenge. In a sense, SC priests are already themed in this way. (Optional) Enable some or all of Magran’s Fires for the corresponding god’s in your party An Example Single Character Build: The Effigy, Avatar of Skaen I'll post my first party build soon.
  2. Hello. Looking for a high Crowd Control Area of Effect party build. I would very much prefer to have all of them as part cipher preferably the same subclass for role-playing services (they all communicate telepathically or a One Mind Five Bodies kind of thing). I'm planning to make them all Death Godlike hence why the name. I'm looking for a damage heavy obliterate anything that moves ASAP kind of thing. Or a CC them to death kind of thing. I will be playing them as evil and most likely kind of like the Bleak Walker mentality so cruel and aggressive so I'll be fighting a lot. But yeah as long as they share a same subclass i'd be pretty happy. Also I do not mind if they would all spam the same abilities over and over again or if all five of them use the same abilities on the contrary that sounds like fun. Cheerio!
  3. Hi all, After 100+hours game play...i come up to this conclusion: A great party is a set and forget group at very beginning to the end, it doesnt need to be the strongest but it only require very few micros from your hands. 1 Pale elf Druid(main) 18 10 4 10 19 17 (shield) party role:CC & Tanking & talking...lol -clean trash mobs with cat shape, even with lowest dex it still attack like winds -high DEF and concentration to cast reckless storm -must worn captain's hat as a party leader -AI none, control by yourself due to bad AI 2 Moon godlike Darcozzi Paladin 18 10 20 10 17 3 party role:ac buffer & DPS & debuff cleaner -max out dex for dual wielding dps -greatly buff ac with Aura/Coordinated/Liberating -Timely healer and debuff cleaner -AI support 3 Superman Barbarian 19 8 19 10 18 4 party role: Main tank & killing -another spell tongue spoiler, all buffs lasts forever... -Super high ac with party buffs: +paladin+46ac (6aura,20spell,20coordinate attack and weapon coordinate stacks) +priest+30ac at least 50+ with all buffs +self human +7acc -AI attacker 4 Moon godlike melee wizard 18 10 17 10 20 3 party role: CC & killing -AI spell sword -IBMA CC spells, cilling wind/black hole...etc -shocking melee dmg 5 Priest of shinning flame (Moon godlike magran) 18 10 10 5 20 15 (shield) party role: AOE Fire canoon & debuff cleaner & tanking & ac buffer -fire dmg focus -can cast spells for 1000 AOE fire dmg....lol 6 leave for companions.... to be sarcrificed...lol OR 6 Ranger with stormcaller and a crappy fox... 777 777 777 777 777 777 777 777 777 Now feel the power of the Seven Man! 777 777 777 777 777 777 777 777 777 777
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