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  1. This would be a solid mechanism to at least switch from special to regular arrows automatically.
  2. The tunneling larva situation could be easily balanced with a brief stun period when dig up. Solo and new players are quite vulnerable to them. Considering especially we still have our shovel out and Their 3 strike attack can almost insta kill unarmored players. A brief stun period would allow players to run or switch their weapons. I tried posting as a comment on the previous thread but was unable to.
  3. Definitely thought they could use some instance style caves with some big baddies.
  4. They could also just let us build the zip lines, I would be happy with that.
  5. New equipment slot: back Equipment types cape/expanded backpack. Expanded backpacks have two crafting tiers. Tier 1- Acorn Pack: 2x acorn shells, 2x clover, 4x crude rope. Description: An acorn half shell with a clover lid and two crude arm loops. Expands storage by 10 spaces. Tier 2- Berry Rucksack: 4x berry leather, 4x bug rubber, 6x silk string. Description: A military style rucksack meticulously crafted and sewn out of berry leather. Bug rubber provides additional padding and water proofing. Expands storage by 20 spaces. Capes: due to common request if you were to implement a back slot you would need to include the option for non backpack items like capes as well. There would be lots of options for bonuses styled after their crafting components like grub hide for endurance or bee fuzz for acrobatics. Another and I think better route so it doesn’t compete with current buffs though, would be dmg resistances. spider parts for poison resistance, bombardier beetle for acid and, ladybug parts for the winning physical dmg resistance bonus. These would add a bit of flavor for players to experiment with their characters as well as enhance certain gameplay elements like spider and bombardier beetle hunting.
  6. Game content idea: After finding Burg’l Chip Electronics. Burg’l will unlock recipes for certain lab equipment that can be built into bases as well as the ability to harvest electronic components and batteries from computers and equipment in labs. These components & batteries can be used with bug rubber (expanding its use) to craft advanced electronics used in making a teleportation pad that can be used to travel instantly from base to base, or location to location. Only the difficulty in acquiring these endgame resources will determine its availability. Backstory, this teleportation technology actually predated his miniaturization technology, but was too unstable to be used, he later discovered that it was the amount of matter he wanted to teleport that became too unstable, and that he could correct the process by reducing its scale. really enjoy the game, sometime it’s just a chore running from one base to another on opposing sides of the map. Something like this could be really cool.
  7. Maybe even an additional ability or mod that could be added to the ladybug or saddle that allows you to store and transport large amounts of grass and weed stems on either side. Making the ladybug a cargo transport.
  8. Ive considered other recipe components like acorn, really it’s up to design for how the saddle would look to determine is components but berry leather and silk string would keep it as an end tier item. Plus who hasn’t already thought about riding the ladybug through grass and weeds into battle against all the largest ground insects. P.S. Really enjoy the game, keep the content coming.
  9. To better display the swim bonus I would add two fins to the shinguards just like is present on the gauntlets. p.s. It would also be a clever tweak to make the bubble on the bubble helmet/koi helmet (if implemented) to only appear when submerging in water. I know realism isn’t top of the agenda on a game like this but it could be a cool addition for players to notice themselves.
  10. The Koi fish armors block ability seems a bit redundant, Acorn armor provides a similar bonus. The Koi helmet is almost identical in design to the bubble helmet and if the bubble helmet is able to hold onto a bubble due to surface tension why then can’t the Koi fish helmet. I just think it would be much better utilized as an aquatic set that gives you water breathing and swim speed plus armor. Making you a pond samurai. Just my thoughts though.
  11. The Lady Bug could provide a lot more gameplay possibilities. To keep it simple I would just allow it for movement and replacing the player melee with a ladybug attack. Then you could secure the lady bug to the hitching post to prevent losing your ride. I would prevent the ladybug from targeting player characters or receiving player dmg while wearing the saddle. Saddle recipe: 6x berry leather 4x mite fuzz, 4x silk string. Hitching post recipe: 2x sprig 2x crude rope. The hitching post recipe should be simple so it can be build or placed wherever you want to park the ladybug.
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