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  1. Now that pets are being implemented into the game, I think a little jumping spider would be an awesome addition!
  2. I've noticed while grinding out daily quests for Burgl, that the only ones we are given are to either craft something or kill something. How about adding other objectives like build a certain something or collect so many of something. Also with the kill quests, get the pond in there, make us get in there and kill some diving bell spiders or water fleas, tadpoles even. Give us a reason to go back into the pond other than muscle sprouts please! Just suggestions and still loving the game! The 30th seems like an eternity away lol.
  3. I'm aware this is an issue for some and has been since the 9.0 patch, but please fix, I am currently in limbo wanting to craft certain things but I cant due to the fact these 2 items are obsolete currently. I'm playing on xbox btw. Hopefully the 10.0 update will fix this. Excited to build a castle and some crow feather roofs, that is as long as that dang bird starts losing some feathers!
  4. I found one ladybug! Lol. Was glitching out under a plant but I found one lol!
  5. I'm curious if anyone else noticed that the ladybugs and the fireflies are no longer around. I play on xbox one. I have spent many "in game days" looking in all corners of the playable map but cant seem to find either.
  6. I'm experiencing all of those as well! Among others lol
  7. I think it would be great to get more icon selections for chests, markers, and perhaps more selection for signs. Color selection is decent enough if we had more to choose from. Loving the game either way!
  8. Trail, backpack, and build markers cant be toggled on/off underneath water.
  9. After this last patch I cant find ladybugs or fireflies. One way you might be able to get your ladybug head is to go destroy spider sacs. Sometimes they drop bug parts and I have gotten a few from doing that. It also may release spiderlings so just be ready for that too!
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