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  1. Sometimes I play Escape from Tarkov, but recently PUBG is having a second life. My friends, who have always been very weak in this game, recently won a chicken dinner a few times - as a result, we spend time together again I have to buy New Vegas again - I used to have it, but that was years ago. Apparently, a lot of interesting mods were created, giving this game another youth. With what is happening on the gaming market, it is better to look for entertainment in older titles
  2. I love Obsidian for creating the only Fallout 3d that can be called Fallout (New Vegas). I dream they would do a similar job with The Elder Scrolls series. My favorite TES was Morrowind. Skyrim and Oblivion are a joke. I'm sure if Obsidian took care of this series, they would have created a real masterpiece. I am also a fan of the HoMM series, these games also need your help
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