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  1. Honestly, I thought scaffolding was needed to make second level houses at first. I had used a ton of scaffolding to hold up the perimeter of my second floor in my base, before I realized that there are no... I don't know what you would call it, but like a stem scaffolding that can go under the grass planks and attach to other scaffolding to support the floor above it, without attaching to the wall, meant to attach to the ones that already exist (which attach to the floor/walls.) It made sense to me, like "oh right, well I'll need a support for the grass floor upstairs," but turns out I di
  2. That's pretty genius, I never thought to move holders like that. It would be a lot faster than what I'm doing now LOL. But I totally agree with you. I hate how slow I am forced to walk when moving stuff around my base. It's a big base and I got places to be! If I had to guess, I'd assume they did it on purpose because they knew players could move the plank holders while full, and that's their way of balancing it, because it makes all the stuff like HumAnt armor bonus and the Worker's Comp smoothie less useful. I think a good compromise would be to allow us to walk normally and/
  3. I am experiencing the same issue as OP on PC. The trail markers will stay after sleeping, but not reloading a save file. They can be reset by either entering and leaving the marker menu or re-selecting an icon. DxDiag_riverofroses.txt
  4. This guide is so thorough, I wish I had it last night with my friend! It would be awesome if you could make the text into a hyperlink, or consider posting the guide here with post formatting and pictures under spoiler tags. I do think people should take one slime lantern with them if it's their first time down there, I think it's easy to get lost your first time and run out of light, so having one as a backup is a good idea IMO. Thanks for this guide!
  5. I have the same issue with the ant hill marker on my new save file that I did not have with my old save file; both files were made before the 0.8 update. DxDiag attached. DxDiag_riverofroses.txt
  6. Hello Grounded team, as your local arachnophobe, I would like to report a bug (haha, but no really) with the Diving Bell Spiders. After looting a Diving Bell Spider on the highest arachnophobe setting (5), instead of breaking apart into two separate pieces like the Wolf Spider and Orb Weaver, the Diving Bell Spider reverts back to the spider corpse instead. This is a pretty big oversight for arachnophobes, I screamed the first time it happened lol. I was able to handle it because my arachnophobia isn't too bad once they're dead but it would definitely trigger some other people, they're fr
  7. Is it possible for us to get button re-mapping on an XBox controller that is contextual? There are so many things you can do in this game and only so many buttons on my controller. Remapping doesn't quite work, due to how 1 button can do many things in different contexts; for example, I think the Y button to hide trail markers is totally useless, I never touch it. So I want to remap Y outside of the inventory menu to be able to switch between 1st and 3rd persons, as I use that a lot. But, due to how button mapping in this game works, if I try to change camera view toggle to Y, the ga
  8. +1 I agree, although the sound that bothers me the most is the screeching noises orb weavers make, insect buzzing noises is by and large a very common misophonia trigger. I don't think it's too much to ask to have that be available. It could be a toggle to replace the noise with something less buzzing, like how spider sounds are replaced. Or a slider in the menu to adjust creature sounds, which could further be split into "buzzing creature volume", "arachnid creature volume", and "other creature volume" which would be a blanket volume slider for everything else. Even though I have the ara
  9. I don't usually post to game forums, but my friend and I love playing this game so much, we can spend hours together in this beautiful world Obsidian has crafted for us. So I really wanted to sign up and give my input on what to see in future updates. My friend and I both play on PC; they play with a KB+M, I play with an Xbox Series S controller. I'll go through my thoughts one by one. I'm a bit of a slow reader so I skipped to the last page of this thread, and so if I repeat anything already suggested, consider it a +1 from me! As @PhilKill2 already said, one thing my friend and I a
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