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POND Graphical Glitch - Looting Diving Bell Spiders breaks arachnophobia mode

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Hello Grounded team, as your local arachnophobe, I would like to report a bug (haha, but no really) with the Diving Bell Spiders.

After looting a Diving Bell Spider on the highest arachnophobe setting (5), instead of breaking apart into two separate pieces like the Wolf Spider and Orb Weaver, the Diving Bell Spider reverts back to the spider corpse instead. This is a pretty big oversight for arachnophobes, I screamed the first time it happened lol. I was able to handle it because my arachnophobia isn't too bad once they're dead but it would definitely trigger some other people, they're freaky!

This has only been tested in multiplayer with AP level 5 so that is included in the steps to recreate, but could also possibly also be broken on single player, and other levels of arachnophobia. 

I am playing on PC, Windows 10, with specs attached.

Steps to recreate:

1. Launch Grounded
2. Choose arachnophobia mode 5 in your accessibility settings
3. Choose to host an online game of a previous save file
4. Once in the game, make your way over to the pond
5. Locate, attack, and kill a diving bell spider
6. Loot the diving bell spider
7. Observe as the two arachnophobia orbs revert to the corpse model of an actual spider

I would normally include media in a bug report, but... I'm too scared. :(


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