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  1. So just a few questions about this build. I am currently level 8 on my ranger and have been following this build for the most part. I just got tidefall and the shod in faith boots and it is starting to come together. The shod in faith boots say 1 per encounter. Was this the case when you designed this build? Also i have been running so far with my stats as follows mig 18, con 3, dex 20, per 10, int 10 and resolve 17, so far the deflection has carried me through but it seems to be leveling off now in act 2, i plan to change the stats as you suggested them for the most part, i was just thrown off when i saw shod in faith was once per encounter, im not sure if dumping my res to get crit just for 1 heal is worth it however i may be mistaken if the int. makes the one thing last a while. You might remember me from my posts about paladins and cipher builds, after trying both of those i ended up settling on this one, i was originally playing on switch and did not have the luxury of running ranger which is my ideal role play especially bc of wasteland. Either way thanks for the help thus far and all the really coop builds so far this ranger class has been great.
  2. I decided to try and give the 2 handed goldpact knight paladin similar to dull runner i have my starting attributes might 19, con 8, dex 14, per 15, int 6, res 16 playing through on hard, and plan on using skills similar to what is suggested for dull runner build.
  3. Thank you for the feed back. I think now I can finally put my mind at ease and sit back and enjoy this masterpiece of a game. I think I'm going to take the stat spread suggested above and go for the dual wield. And to answer the question above was thinking heavy armor mostly for the looks.
  4. I have spent alot of time looking at all of your builds and this build amongst other threads is what made me feel ok not buffing int. Thanks for clearing up the gold pact Dot. After playing and doing a bit more research it seems the Flames of devotion works better with dual wielding because of the full attack, it gets 2 hits while buffed. (unless i am missing something) I dont know if i would dump int. all the way down to 3 but I understand the advantage i would get. From what i gathered there really isnt any advantage i would gain from 2 handed weapons aside from thinking they look cool. Also from what i read if i was using 2 handed weapons, i would need light or medium armor not heavy while leaving dex at 10 or lowering it. Whereas using dual wielding i can still wear heavy armor without slowing me down too much. Is this correct? How does this sound stat wise? 18.might 8 con. 10 dex 16 per. 10 int and 16 res?
  5. SO, the idea is to run a paladin, human. I am just not too sure which way to go i am leaning towards bleak walker because i think theyre back story sounds more interesting and i dont mind being bad. But i am leaning towards goldpact because i am planning on leaving int at 10 and that way the DOT will be okay. For attributes i am planning on going 16 mig, 10 con, but i am not sure about the dex and perception i want to leave int at 10 and have res up to 15. I want to be able to catch the res dialogue checks and it also adds to me being an off tank with eder. I am leaning towards using 2 handed weapons namely greatswords and am wondering what dex/per i should use? I dont prefer a min maxed approach, i know high int is suggested everywhere, but i want my paladin to hit hard with their weapon as well.
  6. Thank you for your feedback i think i will stick with the fire godlike then and try the res like you suggested.
  7. Boerer i was curious how you would go about tweaking monksterslash build with instead of a fire godlike running a naturegodlike and with the idea of hitting resolve dialogue checks?
  8. Started a new game on switch post update and started ranger and animal companions are not showing up.
  9. Thanks for the feedback, i know the dangers of overpreparing all too well. Also that build you posted is great with the changes you recommended I make to my cipher they are really close already, and you might be on to something about the con and lowering the int, especially early on i could use the health and dont need the int.
  10. So I've been scouring these forums for the past week or so, and have been building various characters and second guessing my self, so far the 2 characters I've come up with, is a cipher and paladin. Paladin is Human, Goldpact knights (for generally good roleplaying and DOT effect) and the stats are 17mig, 10 con, 12 dex, 14 int and 13 res. The idea was to make the paladin fairly tanky while still doing decent damage, int might be a little low and may respec later. The Cipher is a pale elf planning on going melee with the cipher and respec later on in the game once i get mind web, but i might not if it works out well the stats are 15mig, 9 con, 16 dex, 10 per, 18 int and 10 res, will prob dump res and con to minimum once I respec but again might not.... As you can see on both characters i neglected to dump much, I just don't like my character being too squishy and since both are going to be in melee range need to be able to take a hit. I don't like dumping Dex also because i cant stand when it takes forever to attack, and on a cipher i feel like dex is the most important since your resource is refilled from damage. And the monk I want them to be able to get out some dps. This is my first time through a game like this and I have been second guessing myself endlessly, I'm going to play through on normal mode, just want to make sure i am geared up for a good first experience. I want my character to use melee weapons, and to deal a decent amount of damage while also having cool abilities and being fun to roleplay which is why I landed on cipher and paladin. From what I read Cipher has the most dialogue exclusive options and just seems like the class who would go through the ordeal of the game, on the other hand i plan to do a lot of side quests and it makes sense a goldpact knight would be helping everyone in town. This is my first post on the forum and am just generally looking for feedback about my characters.
  11. I recently downloaded the new patch for nintendo switch. I started a new file because thats all I do and decided to go Ranger, upon starting the game my animal companion is no where to be found, ive restarted several times and always encounter the same thing. Is there any fix for this? Am I maybe missing something? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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