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  1. Deadfire DLC's (at least 2 of them) are not properly balanced, no question about that. The natural power curve in the main game is broken with the DLC's, causing the issue of a huge spike compared to regular MQ. Not really defensible other than allowing for the hardcore uber gamers to get their fix, but it should be advertised and scoped like that instead of awkwardly shoehorning it into the game when players expect the same level of hardship on the same difficulty and not a spike just because its DLC content. It's been really killing my enjoyment going from being able to confidently handle re
  2. Someone should really do a stand-up routine on D&D gamers who give snarky "easy" instructions for strategies but neglect countless other variables involved. For those reading this - it's not as simple as this if you're rolling with a vanilla party and haven't sperged your brains out min-maxing your entire game. It's a tough fight even at max-level and all I can suggest is making sure you protect your weak characters with clever positioning and a tank otherwise they will get obliterated by the dragon and/or specters that spawn. Protect the characters enough so that either GM or Aloth c
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