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  1. There's a possibility that I am missing something entirely, but I also searched the forum before posting but I feel like there's gotta be a better way for discarding things from your inventory. I had an excess of gnat fuzz (like 50something) and I had to drop each individually and I guess because of the quantity the in game physics went really wonky. So now I've got gnat fuzz item sacks scattered all over and some even launched into my base. This isn't the first time this happened with trying to get rid of items like spoiled meat. If there's not already I think it would be cool to see a trash
  2. Seconding OP, I thought there would be bugs in creative and I just started a game and was disappointed. With out the bugs the game just seems really weird and empty. I'm just looking for a 'godmode' type option where I can build and goof off not caring about the wolf spider trying to eat me. Maybe add an option to include bugs or not for creative? thanks
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