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  1. Oh, so it's just bugged? I was checking if you had to drop it, but maybe it's just bugged, pun intended, lol.
  2. dude, there's an option called debug in the pause menu that rests the spawns, but they tend to get stuck again rather fast, so do it in the area where you want to hunt for things. Mites spawn in dead grass "biomes", wold spiders by the oak tress, especially under it, and by the flat rocks in the south east. lady bugs spawn between the Koi pond and the oak tree, grubs spawn around the tree, and larvae by the water, around the marshes near clay deposits. they also spawn by the berry hedge, near the power plug. Koi fish get stuck under the map sometimes and you need to debug respawn them, which i
  3. Upon playing the update, I discovered crow feathers spawn now, but they do not give you feather pieces when you break them. Maybe this is a bug with the bone knife, or just the PTB in general, but something is wrong here...
  4. I have also discovered that Crow Feather's are not dropping from the Crow. I made a brand new world for testing, and I never got to test Crow feathers before, but I know others had them spawn in the released version, so something changed in the test build.
  5. I attached screen shots of the Spiders, not sure why they float above the water, even if only a centimeter or two above the surface, they cannot move or attack you, so it's not due to the swimming they can do. there are also other bugs (hehe) where spiders and insects will get stuck partially in the ground or other terrain and be immobilized. Not to mention the cheesy thing you can do by sitting in a leaf to kill a Wolf Spider by the tree, when they can easily jump onto it and kill you. "I also noticed you took the Koi Fish out since they had broken AI and invincibility". I hope you can finish
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