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  1. Companions are personal preference really. I'd take Kana over Hiravius because I like his personality and he interjects with interesting dialogue more than anyone else (at least it feels like he does). But some people find Hiravius hilarious. Likewise, I like Sagani over Grieving Mother, but they can fill the same role more or less. All of the party members can be very effective. For your Paladin, go Weapon Focus: Soldier and you can switch between Greatsword, Pike, or Warhammer + Shield as you see fit. I'd be for going full-on two-handed, but there is a great Paladin-exclusive shield in a shop early in the game. The best stats for dialogue are Resolve and Perception. Intellect comes up too, but it can often be replaced by Lore. Might is the most important for dialogue if you want to play an "Aggressive" or "Cruel" character. Unless you care about achievements, I would start at Normal and switch to Hard when you have a full party of six.
  2. Eder, Sagani, and Kana can all be effective on normal by just setting their ai’s to aggressive and not touching them yourself beyond perhaps telling Sagani to focus on casters. Likewise with a PC Paladin. You can put them on aggressive and manually activate Lay on Hands when you need it. Battles go: Buff with Durance, choose who to focus fire on with Sagani and her pet, then let Eder, Kana, and your PC run in controlled by their ai. All you have to worry about are Aloth’s and Durance’s spells during hard fights and healing with your PC when needed. If you really want just a four person party, however, I’d go Paladin but build Eder and Aloth to do as much damage as possible (Eder probably dual wielding sabres or stilletos and Aloth with all the “blast” talents and the soulbound scepter you receive in the ducal palace asap).
  3. I know this is far too late for you, but I might as well put this here for posterity. Mods that modify DLL in any game won’t work for Mac. Macs do not use DLLs. It’s one of the main distinguishing features between Mac and Windows software.
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