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  1. You build your anchor not far and you connect to it, just the distance at which it is possible is small, I found three of these near an oak tree on a lamp, on a can of paint and near a bird bath
  2. I installed a zipline from my house directly to the bird's bathroom, and you can climb into it by the leaves, but why would you climb into it at all, there are no missions related to the bird's bath
  3. Let him carry eight in one hand and eight in the other)))))
  4. The ability to grow stems wherever we want will solve the problem of transferring them to places where they do not grow, but if this is impossible or too difficult to implement, then the cart is still not an option, because your nerves will run out too quickly, it will get stuck very often, the only option use a zipline with a platform that can transport your cargo in two directions, both up and down
  5. You just need to make a system of skills that is not tied to the hero and we ourselves chose what he would be, so that from a child who at the beginning does not know how to do anything and cannot, we could "grow" a real warrior. Two options for the pumping system, the first, which you use, you pump, and the second option, any action adds points, we get a level and choose the desired skill, skills can be thrown off and distributed over a new one, for science points)
  6. I would divide all mutations into active and passive, because every time I want to cut down one grass or get some quartz, I need to switch the mutation, it infuriates. And those mutations that affect health, stamina or strength, these mutations need to be switched and this is normal)
  7. Yes, if you want to build in a place where there are no stems, then it becomes a big problem and takes a lot of time, I also have a base with a tower of 35 floors and there are 10 ziplines at the top, it takes a lot of time to climb to the top, even with the help trampolines installed every 4 floors, by the way, about the spinning wheel, because it is automated without any battery)
  8. This is a good idea, but I would not wait for this in the near future from the developers, they are very slowly introducing new content, and as for the idea, I think if this is all automated, then you can attach a small platform to the cable and transport some kind of cargo on it for example, the stems, and I really want to see the elevator in the game
  9. And what will gravity say about huge houses that can be placed on one wall of grass, gravity would say "no" to most buildings in this game
  10. Why not add the ability to go on the zipline not only down but also up, this will save us all from unnecessary problems. Also why not add the ability to speed up on a zipline?
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