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  1. I was able to get my intimidate stat to gigantic proportion with only 50 points into dialogue skills, and thought I’d share. It’s the highest stat number I have been able to achieve so far, but with inspiration to 60, the right items(SubLight vip armor, soft speaker, a new helmet from Gorgon dlc) and companion combo I’ve been able to maximize it, and thought it was pretty neat
  2. Hey guys I am having an issue progressing the main quest in peril on Gorgon. I have talked to everyone in the sprat shack every way possible and the quest icon is still on the bartender. She tells me where he spent most of his time, but the quest didn’t update, so I’m just roaming about trying to find where to go. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hey guys has the peril on Gorgon dlc dropped yet in the US for console? There was an update for outer worlds this morning when I loaded up but I can’t even find the dlc or season pass in the PlayStation store let alone in game. Any relevant information would be greatly appreciated, and thank you.
  4. I have pickpocketed him before, but the key only shows up on his corpse :/. There is nothing major in his locked area though, the most notable thing being a bowler hat that doesn’t do anything out of the ordinary.
  5. Hey guys. I just turned in the last quest for Sublight and Hagen said she had something(supposed to be the negotiator) delivered to my ship, but only her note is there. Did I do something wrong or turn in the quest too late or something or is it bugged? Any related information would be greatly appreciated and thank you guys.
  6. Hey guys I am wondering if there are any helmets in the outer worlds that you can modify. It seems as though you should be able to modify helmets, at least to a smaller degree than armors. I mean the toughened modification states that it will increase physical defense on both armor and helmets. If there are any helmets you can modify I have not found any yet, and I am at level 22.
  7. Just thought I would share some of my recent weapon and armor finds/modifications/tinkers. Do you guys like the exact-o-sight? What is the zoom provided by the exact-o-sight? I typically like the gyro sight on rapid fire weapons but on the T&L assault rifle the spread reduction is negligible and I really like that the extend-o-sight not only provides 2x weapon zoom, but also extends the effective and maximum range of the weapon. It keeps the damage up at longer ranges and the zoom helps to ensure the first few shots count.
  8. Hey guys. I just got my engineering skill up to level 60 and I’m loving it! No more do I have to purchase pristine items! I feel that pristine items are more worthwhile to modify with my precious few more potent modifications, and now all my items can be pristine if I repair them a few times so stoked! I really feel like getting your engineering to at least level 60 is a must. Not only can you easily enough make your essential gear better and more valuable, you can potentially double the value of items you sell if you want to throw a few item parts towards it. I’m pretty new to the game, but I think I’m going to work towards getting most of my skills to level 50 then work on science. I feel like tinkering is essential, and making it as cheap as possible would be ideal. I think if I can get science up to max, I could tinker all my unique items to max level eventually and have a ton of viable weapons at my disposal come endgame and dlcs. Anywhere else you guys think I should focus my points? Thanks and have a good day!
  9. I just started playing and I am really enjoying it so far. There are some visual bugs associated with the inventory system that I would like to see fixed, but I am really excited for the dlcs. It’s perfect timing for me :)
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