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  1. I appreciate the tracker and stuff but like “fixed in future update” does not do it for me. Y’all need to hot patch that like asap. Please. Not trying to act like I know anything but if I was a dev I would be making a bigger deal out of this. Like multiplayer is the structure of this games success imo.
  2. I wish that was the case, we blocked off all entries and made a giant base inside the tree but the problem is the wolf spiders are still using the spawn point under the tree. They’re not breaking in or anything they just spawned as I said in my post. I’m assuming there just isn’t a mechanic to prevent them from spawning if there are player structures on the spawn point
  3. Okay so long story short under the big oak tree where the wolf spiders spawn me and my friends built a base and worked hard and long on it and it was coming along extremely well when I died from a ladybug and respawned for the first time at that base and when I spawned in so did THREE wolf spiders. I about pooped myself. After some thinking and trying to build up the courage we went in and we took them out as they destroyed our base. Luckily the chests didn’t break but we would very much appreciate if you guys added a system to prevent enemies from spawning around player built structures in th
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