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  1. I had the same exact issue on console. When I would load up my save all the inventory that I was carrying was still there, but everything else had been hard reset. No base, no markers, and all the quests I had done had been reset. Then as I try to reload older saves I just get stuck on an infinite loading screen. Please make sure you take a moment to e-mail Obsidian and tell them about it. The more people that report this bug the sooner we can hopefully get a fix! (support@obsidian.net)
  2. Hi all! Hopefully someone can help me out here. I play on xBox and have been having this issue where when I load up my last save I still have my inventory that I was carrying, and I’m in the same spot. However, everything else has reset. My base is gone, and my next quest is to go examine the mysterious machine (which I did a long time ago). Before I was able to go back a few saves and get it and only lose about 2-3 in game days worth of progress, but now I just get stuck on a loading screen indefinitely. Any help y’all can give would be great. I really enjoy playing the game, but this makes it frustrating.
  3. Hi all! I'm playing on xBox, and have a single player that I've gone fairly far in. I'd like to start a new one in creative to just do some random exploring without worrying about bugs/health. Can you have more than one single player saves at the same time?
  4. Go get some clay and build Clay Foundations wherever you don't want them to spawn. I did this in my base and have not had a single thing grow inside my walls. I don't know if you can do the same with floors, but I can confirm that Clay Foundations do the trick.
  5. Two things that I've noticed since the update. This is for the xBox version: 1) Larva spawn rates still seem to be wonky. While I never had the issue with the spike traps, I went exploring to set up a trail marker and ran into an "army" (15 or so larva) moving which caused massive lag and drop in frame rates. 2) Plant Lamps, and Scones seem to cause lag as well. I've put up several Scones around my base to be able to see when it turns into night and it seems to have been causing some extra lag around my base. Other issues I've had are already on the Official Known Issue List.
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