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  1. After I visited the outside of the haze lab the lab icon appears that tells you how far away you are which is 34 meters. After I left the haze went back to my home with 1st field lab in the middle it was still there. When I went exploring for the berries which are 600 meters away from the haze lab the lab icon still appears and doesn't go away. The icon stayed the same when visiting stink bug area in the northwest side.
  2. I was quite faraway from shooting a berry with an arrow so the berry fell but when through the ground. This location was the branches closest to the bird bath that leads to it with 3 berries was where this issue happened. I lost 3 arrows and 1 berry.
  3. That happened to on several occasions when hitting the diving bell spider in the air with arrows. The arrows hit the lilypad and disappeared and were unattainable to retrieve although the arrow icon still showed. When I killed the spiderlings on the frisbee the arrows got stuck on it but the arrow icon was below the ground although I was able to get the arrows back
  4. In my experience I find the spider armor easier to take on the wolf spiders and more versatile than the lady bug armor it allows me to side step it faster, back away from it's jump attack damaging me, running a a few foot away so it doesn't have a chance to bite me and with my stamina refilling faster I get that extra chance of attacking it 1 more time or using a block.
  5. I'm gonna see if killing them in they're face makes it a higher chance of obtaining it. 1 thing I like about the Wolf spider is the fangs are guaranteed each time you kill it, 1-2 of them. But before attacking the ladybugs i rather throw on a gas mask and kill many stinkbugs as I can, make as many gas arrows as possible and use that to kill the ladybug instead and having to bait if it runs a away. I recommend the gas arrows for solo players or people who have great difficulty killing ladybugs or more dangerous bugs. Last thing when using gas arrows shoot them around the insect so you don
  6. I was able to get around the spider by hitting them 1st running away from the lab door then going to side to side back to the lab door to make it harder for them to hurt me. Try to block more, move side to side, hit the spiders with arrows where they can't detect you cause the eventually run and scurry away from the current area they were hovering in. Use gas arrows to heavily damage them, lure arrows to move them or those lure traps put them away from the lab door. Lastly when your visiting a dangerous area like that don't bring a ton of good loot with you unless your sure your go
  7. Armor section: We have a full armor set for Spider, Acorn, Grub, Ladybug, Clover and Ant,, will there be a full set for the Beetle, Larva and Stinkbugs. New armor sets I would like is one that lets you jump higher, drinking liquid fills the bar faster same with eating food,. Insects that attack your armor a certain times take damage to keep it balanced. Vision section: Add a telescope/binoculars so we can see things farther away this would be helpful of finding materials, other insects and if it's worth traveling down that particular area, Add night vision goggles to see through the nig
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