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  1. hehe. you sound like a more polite version of me (long time no see btw). I'm still around. Mainly on the modding forum on the Bethboard and as Editor on Planet Fallout. You know, the guys who "softball" interviews, to quote BN. I'm fully expecting to see more people from before the release of FO3 once NV get's closer to release and/or it's own forum. Here's to hoping for more interesting discussions.
  2. Never having handled a sword (unless you count the stick turned imaginary sword from a long long time ago) and applying the dreaded "common sense" I'd imagine carrying a sword strapped to your back or backpack is more conductive to hiking across the nuclear wasteland and ruin scape. Having it hanging on your side displays it prominently but is likely to get it in your way while running, caught in brambles etc. Back to the humor discussion of Fallout 2. Yes there was a fair share of stayed-in-office-another-night-and-live-on-caffeine type of humor in there. And I welcomed it. Let's be h
  3. You know what kind of funny I'd love to see in Fallout ? His kind.
  4. FYI: From the official press release via Pete Hines.
  5. You should give "The Pitt" a try. If not for the story itself, then for the design, because they truly hit the idea of the Fallout world with the look of this one.
  6. Apparently I'm one of the few gamers who actually liked the humor of Fallout 2, a lot. I dunno, I see it as a defense mechanism against the really f'ed up world the character lives in. Just be a smartmouth about it and try to smooth over things with a bit of humor when you once again stepped in big steaming pile of brahmin poo. That's one option I sorely missed in Fallout 3.
  7. Please don't jinx Bethesda obtaining the Torment license. *kills himself* why would bethesda getting ps:t be a bad thing. if same progression is followed, ps:t would become amazing popular and then obsidian would do a sequel/expansion. worst case scenario would be that a terrible game would be released with planescape name... which is somehow worse than no new games with planescape name? is a no lose situation. regardless, it not seem possible. d&d is a wotc property and planescape is a dead setting. is hard to imagine what kinda wackiness would have to occur for a publisher t
  8. My vote would be away from a main quest and instead offer more quests that are tailored to different "character sets" or skills. That way the experience a gunslinger has could dramatically differ from the experience an egghead has or a post-nuclear socialite. Rather then do quest X again with your new char you do a different quest or approach a different character to see the same basic plot of a quest, but from a unique perspective depending on who you talk to, what that person does and what you do (or can do, skill-wise). Example: Main quest plot is that a casino is going to be robbed.
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