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  1. I am playing on Xbox One X and downloaded this update. I started a new game with Max as my player after installing update. The issues I see about no respawning of items do not seem to be happening on my current game. I have dew, mushrooms, soda, juice and everything else spawning back at appropriate times. I just wanted to let the developers know at least for my platform, things are going okay except for the usual bugs and stuff. I don't know if everyone is using a save from before or starting new but just throwing it out there. Also save files are not disapearing on me as well. This is not
  2. I was able to recreate what I mention earlier with another item. I dropped a stack of sap and slept for a night. When picking them back up, the next morning and sometimes right after dropping, it looks like the game is thinks player is picking up multiples when picking up just one. The notification shows multiple when grabbing one, but when checking inventory, the number is correct, showing you picked up one. Its glitches when saving and loading after you have dropped and slept for a night. Possibly even not sleeping for a night but did not check. So it looks like the quantities are saved and
  3. When dropping a full stack of items, in this case slimemold stalks, they appear to turn into full stack when picking each one back up. It does show all 10 stalks on the ground, and after a few days of leaving them there, each one represents a full stack when picking back up. Mind you I have saved and loaded several times before returning to area where originally dropped.
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