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  1. They were not. I can’t complete the “Mapping the Archipelago: West Wakara Reef” quest. I have cleared out the island and named it however, every time I go to see Santa, he does not have a response to my character finding and naming the island. On top of that the game constantly crashes with error messages. This game freezes often during big battles. Major fixes should happen in order for me to recommend this game and anyone else who streams or plays.
  2. Fix your crap. Stop trying to sell an item that is to glitchy. Quests can’t be completed and I spend more time waiting for the game to load than I actually spend playing the game. This game needs a MAJOR patch. Focus I. That and the game would sell itself. I would not recommend this game in its current state.
  3. I would like for the game to run smoothly with little to no bugs. POE2 has way to many problems with no one to fix them. Let’s just drop this new game with to many problems and see how many suckers buy it. I wish they would work on another patch for Deadfire instead of thinking of a third one.
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