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  1. Wut. I was absolutely sure I posted it in the other topic.

    Anyway, am I the only one that dislikes Lily's voice acting?


    I love it personally. :(


    Its perfectly creepy for a supermutant grandmom.

    I thought the "give grandma some sugar" line was pretty priceless. I would've shot milk from my nose, had I been drinking any.

    Also, she had an assault rifle on her back, which means she isn't a dedicated melee monster like she was described.

  2. A few I've encountered on a new run on a newer pc, ver. 1.7...


    various dissapearing megaton npcs

    Yee ol' fat-savegame corruption and general crashiness

    Deatclaw+bottlerocket bug

    Rocketing ragdoll glitch

    Cannot target airborne grenades and rockets "feature"


    and my personal favorite...

    Rivet City sleep-walking. Found Paulie Cantelli randomly passed out on a super mutants bed/cot up in that little battlement area where they spawn between rivet city and the memorial. Upon me killing all the local muties, he gets up, bitches about the racket, and goes right back to bed.

    Must have been a hell of a night.

  3. Hmm... I do believe I spy the venerable .223 automatic pistol @ the 2:40 mark.


    Probably a look-alike like the 12.7 pistol but.. yeah. :p

    Hehe, they can call it whatever they like, It's close enough for government work.


    EditL: Also, just spotted yee old cattle-prod at 0:36

  4. All these so called journos are whining. One won't stop bitching about the loadscreens, another is hung-up on npc navigation, yet another complaining about the pipboy being the same model, and how the compass doesn't tell you explicitly where to go every inch of the way, as if it wasn't already holding their hand in the first place. I'm telling you, these same jokers who were handing out endless 10's and to fo3 just two years ago, are already lining up to tear new vegas down for the all the shortcomings they gave a free pass on.


    I guess they just aren't getting enough ad revenue/blood/virgins this time, since this one is getting a smaller push.

  5. SO that means you can be both famous and infamous at the same time with the same group?


    How did it work in FO3? Just one overall famous/infamous rep with everybody, that was either famous or infamous but not both at the same time?

    Quantum superposition?

    Ah, but what if we were to hide that statistic from view, ie: put it in a box?

  6. You could think of it as a throwback to Fallout 2 (or most other Avellone projects, natch) wherein the Big Bad is right out there in the open from pretty much the get-go?


    I mean I didn't read the spoiler, but if they're just going to toss it around like that it won't be much longer before somebody drops it minus the spoiler tags.


    Well, the quest about the package seems more of a way to introduce the character to the larger conflict than something major, at least by how they described it.

    Still... I would have preferred if they didn't toy, playing it like it was a big mystery when the character who shot you was actually quite visible in the intro of the game.


    I know what you mean. For once, in the entire history of the internets, something under a spoiler tag actually contained... spoilers.


    Damn my cat-like curiosity, I just had to look. :o

  7. In case any of you missed Mr. Sawyer's comment on the bethboards yesterday:


    "Hardcore Mode inherently discourages Fast Travel as a solution to dehydration/starvation/sleep deprivation because Fast Travel takes time. In Hardcore Mode, time = all your Hardcore meters keep increasing. And the time it takes is based on your speed, so if you're wearing heavy armor and have both your legs crippled, it will take that much longer. That's not to say you can't do it, but there is a cost associated with it. In some cases you will be better off looking around for supplies in the immediate vicinity. In other cases, Fast Travel to a nearby supply depot/bed will be the best solution."

  8. IMG_8559.jpg

    Like I said, we like to think we've got the best fans in the industry. Or at least the coolest.


    And the Emo'est :)

    In my day that was called Punk.



    In my day punks didn't play games or attend conventions on commercialism.

    I wonder what Ian MacKaye would say about this?...

  9. Amazing interviewer. Really.


    The look on Larry Liberty's face when he asks about DLC and mentions Mothership Zeta is priceless.

    So the interviewer thinks that space is the destination the series is headed towards?


    And is that a starfish tattooed on his hand?

  10. If my eyeshot chance was less than stellar, I'd go for the groin first. It almost always lays them out, cutting down on their available ap next turn since they have to get back up to do anything, and it makes your follow-up eyeshot much more accurate while he/she is laying down there.

  11. Snowglobes is kind of a strange choice though. Unless there is some conection between snowglobes and Las Vegas of which I am unaware. Maybe poker chips would have made more sense. Or even somethign a bit more umm ppop cultural like pez dispensers.


    I'd rather see bobblehead type stuff bounced out of the game completely personally, so it doesn't bother me either way really.


    Otoh, snowglobes vs bobbleheads seems a tad odd to get worked up about. Not that critical.

    Well... snowglobes are the same sort of route 66 tourist tackle as bobbleheads are. They were also extremely popular in the 50's.

  12. @Mikhailian: There really isn't all that much mindshare to cash in on.


    I just hope that the new X-COM won't bring another 3 years of blind hate.

    I've actually run into many videogame journos who've praised x-com in their editorials, and claimed it as one of their personal all time faves. It has also frequented top ten lists of various websites over the years.


    This one from ign (a bit old, I'll admit) even put it at the very top of their list: http://pc.ign.com/articles/772/772285p1.html

  13. Hey, Xenoshock might be a good game, don't discount it just yet.

    I lol'd at xenoshock. Unfortunately, the game's director "Angry Australian Man" has failed to convince me it's anything more than a studio cynically cashing in on a classic game's mind share with the media.

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