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  1. First I'd like to say I absolutely love this game. My first play through no Raw Science ever spawned. I didn't realize this until I had played for 3+ days IRL. I had to restart witch was fine. . . My second playthrough around 20 days in game my clock stopped. I was able to load a save and get it going but every time my friend on Xbox joined it stopped again. I'm not sure if that was the cause OR if it was building a sky fortress. . . The next day when I loaded up a good save everything was fine until I started building the same stairs we had been working on the day previously. So I didn't build anything on that side of my fortress and time continued normally in solo mode. A few hours later I realized my lady bugs were extinct and I hadn't seen one in forever. Completely gone. I found 2 lady bugs stuck in the rock in the South with some Stink bugs. My friends said in their games all the lady bugs are stuck in rocks too and went extinct. I'm super sad about this because I spent the beginning of the playthrough building instead of exploring/fighting lady bugs so I never got lady bug armor. Love love love love love this game. Just needs a few less of the icky bugs and more scary ones Can't wait til it's a bit more playable. Ill try to find a work around ... maybe I'll restart again. Feedback: It would be SUPER awesome if my armor didn't take up inventory slot when I was wearing it .
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