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  1. First, I have to pre-empt this by saying I love the game. Working on a 3 story house, adding an even higher tiered area on scaffolding beside it, and have farmed more than my share of dandelion twigs for a fully fortified base. It’s incredible feeling self sufficient and then regularly hunting wolfies for parts just cuz. Mostly solo as well, since I have few friends who play (Xbox user here) My gripe then comes from the foliage that is indestructible. The leaves, the fallen twigs. I can’t get rid of them, and update after update, more leaves and such are added clipping through floo
  2. Game in early access, barely a week in, and the amount of time you’d have to invest in order to have done everything is quite extensive. I think the way it was released is awesome, we get a very fun experience with the chance to offer feedback like this. Just can’t be asking for the world or criticizing their efforts too much. An update is already slated for end of August and they want to do content updates every month. I say keep up with the feedback and suggestions, but don’t get too upset you played for 20+ hours in an unfinished game and ran out of stuff to do.
  3. I like most of what you had to say. Honestly having the benefit of saving before a fight is what allowed me to learn the Wolf Spider battle. Playing solo it’s a tough beast to crack. That said the only thing I think would be difficult for Obsidian is to NOT put your armor and weapons in your backpack inventory. (Or give it a side bar of inventory that doesn’t take up standard slots). Because when you die, you retrieve your backpack, and all your gear. If your pack is full there would be no way to obtain your gear as it’s not “in your backpack”.
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