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  1. When I first built the workbench it had a nice glow on it. Now after a couple of days it is very dim. How do I restore the light without having to recycle and rebuild? I would not have a problem with having to replace it with something like the slime mold stack (it would fit within game, story wise....)
  2. What stops the grass from growing through my base? I built a 6x6 base mounted 1 level up on 4 Scaffolds in the corners. (was surprised that there was no structural integrity) The area under my platform is open. Do I need to place something under there( like maybe clay platforms?) I suppose I could move all my plank and log storage under there but there is not 32 of them. Thanks in advance
  3. Did you try placing a clay foundation first? I have not tried it yet, just wondering....
  4. I am playing via XBox Game Pass on a PC running Windows 10 fully updated. If I open the Map and click on 'Trail Markers" the game crashes to desktop. Also, there is no <##/##> descriptor next to it like the other options on the map screen. I do have several Trial markers present on the map. Other than that is has been running great. I did get an occasional "disappear through the ground" when I quickly dropped a full load of planks on the ground.
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