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  1. My kids really enjoy the game and they would love to see other creatures/bugs like scorpions, tarantulas, caterpillars, bees, hornets, butterflies, moths, snakes, lizards etc.
  2. Hey guys! First off, great game! My kids love the game. Too bad there's no single player splitscreen. My kids have said they would love to see different things In the game. Creatures: bees, hornets, prey mantis, butterflies, tarantulas, snakes and lizards lol. Also they said maybe keep some as pets or gaurdians to help you as you explore and navigate the area. Construction More variety of base armor and weapon armor. Glider(wings from flying creatures) to glide from a high place over the area to make it easier to travel across the map Slingshots , crossbows. Acorn bb gun. Pebble gg gun etc Either way just thought sharing this info coming from their view point as a player. As a dad watching them play is entertaining. Again keep up the good work obsidian team and I am looking forward to what more content you guys got up your sleeve!!! Thank you.
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