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  1. You might have a corrupted download. Have you tried redownloading it?
  2. The game supports 1280x768 natively, but you'll have to open "swkotor2.ini" with Notepad and change the resolution to 1280x768 under both "Display Options" and "Graphics Options", then save and exit. It would also be a good idea to enter the line "Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1" under "Graphics Options" as well, and set CPU affinity to one core in Task Manager every time you launch the game.
  3. Well, you at least succeeded in making me look (thanks for wasting my time, BTW), but you're either very mistaken or lying. If you did get it legitimately, then why not ask them about your problem over at their forms?
  4. In this situation the only thing that I believe that myself and everyone else is entitled to is a little bit of honesty. If that is too much to ask, then just say so. This stopped being about the mod a year ago. As far as repetition goes: if T-G puts an end to their cyclical deceptive behavior, then I'll stop pointing it out every time they do it and everyone will be happy.
  5. At this point, I really don't know what they intend to do in the end. The only thing that I am certain of is that we can expect several more grandiose feats like the one we witnessed yesterday before it all mercifully comes to an end. Of course, T-G is free to prove me wrong, but what I know about compulsive behavior and the hold that it has over people with certain personality types makes me doubt that they will.
  6. My money's on this one. Very well put, BTW. I will say, however, that I don't believe that it started out this way. I believe that TSLRP began with the best of intentions; there wouldn't have been a beta to steal otherwise. But something happened along the way to cause it to degenerate into the very scenario that you describe, IMO. This whole sadistic, semi-annual cycle of hyping the mod and disappointing people has repeated itself far too many times over the past four years for me to draw any other logical conclusion. Continuing to give T-G the benefit of the doubt involves accepting too
  7. Gee, now I wonder where on Earth they would get that idea. If it was just a trailer and a WIP update, then why the need to hype it for 2.5 weeks?
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