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  1. Great to see how far the game has come along since the wife and I last played back in August. A lot of things have been addressed. I've noticed a few things in the last two days of play, suggestions or bugs and not sure if they were mentioned before. This is of course with just the wife and I playing in a lobby together. I've noticed there tends to be high ping spikes etc..our internet speed is pretty good and we don't have issues with other games. The lag can be quite bad where it looks like she is running in place, then all of a sudden she's in another area. I'm not sure if anybody else
  2. Wife and I were playing earlier today. She is on Xbox One S and I'm on Xbox One X. Are internet is good and both consoles have a wired connection. At any rate she usually hosts the game and I join off of her. I notice there seems to be a lot of spikes in ping. Also, I'll get kicked. I've noticed most of the time I'm kicked its when swimming in water, like the pond or bird bath. Just seems like there is a ping spike, while swimming etc. This past time I was kicked, swimming in the pond, high ping. Loaded back in ALL my stuff was gone and I started from the beginning. I started receiving the tut
  3. Joined wife's play session last night as usual. Fine for a little while, then was kicked back to the title screen. I tried joining her game again and it just kept looping back to the title screen. I even exited out of the game completely and restarted, same thing occured...
  4. The biggest issues, so far with Xbox. This is from the perspective of two person multiplayer, wife hosting game, myself joining her. - Lag spike, resulting in occasional kick from game. - Noticed I'll have what appears to be rubberbanding, again probably due to lag spike. Pretty bad now. Just FYI pushing 200mbps, so my internet shouldn't be the issue. - Noticed when you dropped weed planks, they would disappear through the ground, but if you chucked them and then picked back up and drop seemed to work like normal. - wife dropped thistle out of her inventory on the ground
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