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Mutiplayer-bugs Xbox One X and S

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Great to see how far the game has come along since the wife and I last played back in August. A lot of things have been addressed. I've noticed a few things in the last two days of play, suggestions or bugs and not sure if they were mentioned before. This is of course with just the wife and I playing in a lobby together.

I've noticed there tends to be high ping spikes etc..our internet speed is pretty good and we don't have issues with other games. The lag can be quite bad where it looks like she is running in place, then all of a sudden she's in another area. I'm not sure if anybody else is experiencing this too. 

 I know the one gripe the wife had was that..she was having to always get water and can't seem to ever have time to build etc. Not sure if it's just because we started over and are in the beginning of the game, just seems like it's a bit much when it it comes to the thirst meter and how quickly it seems to deplete.

For myself the biggest issue I had was the combat and farming. Not sure if this is a known issue but it seems it will take like twenty swings just to make contact with grass or weeds etc. Also, seems to be the same in combat...note I have my dot right on whatever it is, just seems like there should be no reason why I'm not making contact it's almost as if I'm missing...I don't recall this being an issue back when we last played. 




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