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  1. https://vm.tiktok.com/JjPFCHf/ Look at the size of these insects, you could make a Boss, Rend-Boss, leader, chef, for a dungeon
  2. I also think that because there is no challenge at stake, killing a bee leader as a chef would be a great challenging insect, killing a group
  3. https://vm.tiktok.com/JjPFCHf/ Look at the size of these insects, you could make a Boss, Rend-Boss, leader, chef, for a dungeon
  4. Online servers official server for several people, unofficial servers the same in the ARK: Survival Evolved game, if it is not possible to increase the number of friends from 4 to 8, it would be great if my friends did not depend on me to play, bad with 4 people I have to leave the connected PC, for them to play, for an online server to be better there, I would not host for them
  5. on this link here friend https://support.obsidian.net/article/63-how-do-i-get-help-with-grounded
  6. Grounded Hello, let's start analyzing the game. Positive points: I can say that this game is incredibly good, it has a lot to add. Type of collection, craft, items inside the game summarizing it is just a child in development I hope it is always growing and adding, but content in game, who likes survival will love, but I advise playing with friends is always, but fun. Negative points or be improved, or added. 1* arrives at a point in the game that you don't have, but nothing to do inside the game, the biggest challenge I had until now was to kill the spiders, they kill with an attack, after you get strong and kill the spiders, I finish the content. 2* So thinking about that point that should be added for problem 1 to be solved would be to add example content, monster challengers, surely many players would love if there was dungeon inside the game. Catch the mission with the robot, and he send you to invade a termite or anthill in search of an item deep in the burrows, territories houses of insects, to catch a specific item, thus killing 20 insects, spiders among others collecting part of the body of this insect you exchange for a key to enter the dungeon, By killing the dungeon leader you would have to collect when you kill the dungeon leader to die, take a special metal ore from the leader monster's cave, crystal, diamond, to make better and longer lasting weapons, or for construction after analyzing the ore item falling from the dungeon Boss this ore starts to appear from the dungeon burrow and appear inside the insect hole. Like invading an anthill and killing a Boss a Leader a Rend-Boss, which would be the giant ant queen, or invading a bee hive and killing the giant bee etc... #Stick to the hint. 3* To avoid repetition of the game mechanics, also add Rend-Boss leader that gives nothing special. OBS: but they defend an example territory that is a tree the player would have to enter a tree hole to steal chestnuts, but there is a monster a giant Squirrel that would defend this food this tree that you and your friends would have to defeat him kill the mini Boss leader of the place, In order to get his food without needing you to collect chestnuts and food in the game, but that wouldn't be easy you'd have to make several weapons, and healing item, armor medicine that will break, and have to take reserve items, to kill this giant animal Squirrel. You'll get plenty of food if you defeat him, but you'll lose a lot of resources by having to make weapons and armor to face him! 4* for a giant bee hive that you will have to invade to catch honey and try to get out of there alive, but deep down find queen bee eggs to tame raise a domesticated bee baby to help you in the fights against the leaders and the Boss, the domestication of the insects can not be domesticated them adults and wild, having to steal the larvae's eggs from the insects in the furious mother's nest by stealing spider eggs, bee eggs, ladybird eggs and other insects to be bred fed care and turn them into domesticated monsters to help collect items better in game. Detail for the mechanics not to get too easy and to go out domesticated 50 spiders and to go out destroying everything by the map, would be that the insects created by humans are not as strong as the savages the domesticated ones would not have learned how to be mortal in the life of insects because they were created by humans, then in a confrontation x1 between 1 ant or spider savage, will always have the advantage against 1 ant or 1 spider domesticated. Because the savage has a killer instinct that the domesticated one did not have being created and fed by humans! Already the savage has had to turn on her own and defend herself then she would be stronger. *5 so that these domesticated insects have room to show all the strength and agility in history forcing also the players to take these domesticated insects to final battle, against the villain who shrunk the children the villain will have several strong insects controlled by him in a deadly fight between the children shrunk with their domesticated insects. *6 With this it would have, but content would be, but fun and cool to play also one thing leading to another since it would have domesticated larvae eggs of baby insects until they become adult and grow to battle making armor for the insects also having, having level in these armor leaving them, but strong equal to the weapons of collection of resources, levels of armor go up to 10 example, to reach level 10 of the armor of the insect would have to collect much, but much resources, Forcing to use the domesticated insects after they are adults caught when they were just larvae, and eggs, and collecting these resources mounted on the insects on top of them looking for honey, collecting resources with the ant all this to fortify the houses, the camps, which would also have to have level in the buildings a level 2 wall, for example, and have to collect many items for this using the domesticated insects, forcing people to steal the eggs of the mothers angry insects defending their young. 7* should have in the game but does not have, this should have in the game is the seasons in the like rain, lightning and thunder, wind, in the game has no wind has no rain and yet has polluted water and stopped in the backyard as is possible ? if it does not rain, should have rain, cold and heat in the survival game, the character feel cold and warm, and die of cold and heat also die of hunger and give in. In the game you just feel (Hunger, Give in). It would have to pass cold, and heat too or have weather stations or like an Air-conditioner or fan of the house of humans make wind on the map, the Air-conditioner make cold on one side of the map making it snow, with this would already have, but contents forcing to make armor of cold and heat with parts of the insects that we will kill by the map, or when you kill a bee queen a leader an area Boss, next to the miner she drops or collects from her dead body, hair from the body of the dead queen bee to make fur armor, so she can explore the icy area of the map, forcing the players to go and meet the Bosses, the area leader, the Rend Boss so they can collect this hair from an insect leader difficult to explore, but content. Remembering the item if it wears breaks and needs to be repaired for this by forcing the players to return there and kill the leaders, Boss, Rend Boss, the place or dungeon along with their armies of insects to collect, but material to face the climates of places. 8* Remembering that the domesticated insects will always be, but weak and slow that the savage, summing up by taking many insects to a place to face the leader of the insects, the Boss to kill the leader Boss, these domesticated insects will be killed many will be annihilated, served as a distraction to die for the leader bugs, for me the players have a chance to take the opportunity to catch the Boss leader of low guard, while killing the domestic insects, the small warriors go up and kill the leader of the place. With this would already have but fun and new content, forcing the players to love the monster babies and watching them die in his to serve as a shield and perhaps be killed by the leaders of the local BOSS, so it is good that these domesticated bugs make armor very strong to withstand and resist the attacks of the leader Boss, with this would have but content forcing the players to collect to fortify the armor of their beloved warrior bugs to go to the deadly fight against the leaders of the places. 9* Add, but item on the map far away having to fetch with the insects, and manufacture item collected in the stove or furnace, which could enter the tingling finding gold inside the caves and crystal, ruby or diamonds that always goes to collect when killing the Boss the leader of the place could collect the hair of the insects to manufacture armor for the cold, and around the place where the leader Boss died would be full of crystal and pebbles of gold, But there is a danger that you can only collect this special item when you kill the leader of the place, if the dungeon leader dies, will be able to collect what has around after a few hours this item of respawn appearing again along with the leader Boss of the place can collect again after defeating the monster again, will have many casualties many domesticated insects will be killed in this deadly battle if you do not have good level armor to face these leader chef of the dungeon. Another thing increases this very small map, it makes it much bigger map seems that it is dendro of a flower pot of so small that it is. "THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION, I HOPE WE CAN MAKE THIS SMALL GAME A BIG GAME FOR EVERYONE. ‘’ in english using google translator - feedback suggestion for the game EN.docx in portuguese brazil - feedback suggestion for the game.docx
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