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  1. I'm thinking about Aedyr, Old Valia and Rautai. I mean, if Pillars of Eternity III is ever going to become a thing, it will most likely be something of a grand ending to the franchise and the action could took place in one of the "Big Boys", as I tend to call those three. Big nations, two of them were also important players during the events of Deadfire. I'll place my bet on Aedyr Empire, because so far it had the least influence on our actions and vice versa. Both Vallia and Rautai sent their trading companies, because each of them had a big goal in mind. Some of us sided with them and helped completing it, and during that time, we could experience and learn a bit about their culture. Queen's Reach and Brass Citadel in Neketaka were like miniature versions of Valia (I know the difference between OV and Republics, but I think they're culturally close enoguh) and Rautai. Meanwhile, big old Aedyr is still there, almost untouched (even if it's your place of origin, most of the information is learned from books and Aloth).
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